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Lake Powell Fish Report

Water temperatures have declined to 74 F in the morning, rising to 78 in the afternoon. These temperatures coincide with mid-June, which is a transition month for warm-water fish. In the spring, bass... Full story


Lake Powell Fish Report

'Quality of life is measured by amount of time spent fishing.'  Stripers have moved out of the main channel and toward the backs of canyons. The move indicates that the shad food source has been well... Full story


More Good News From Lake Powell

When a tagged walleye is caught, take a picture of the fish and then a closeup of the tag number. Contact me with the tag number at 928 645 2392.  Send a fishing report indicating how and where the... Full story


Lake Powell Fish Report

The inflow to Lake Powell over the past days has exceeded 100,000 acre feet each day. The lake is still rising and will end up at the highest level recorded since 2012. Fish are excited because the... Full story


It's Time To Head To Powell For The 'Spring Fling'

 Fishing success has been great despite early mid-May's lingering cold and winds. The good news now is that morning water temperatures now exceed 60 degrees, which opens up opportunities for the... Full story


Lake Powell Fish Report

Every spring season, bass and crappie wait for just the right water temperature before spawning.  Water temperature at this writing was 57F, which means that on a warm, calm day, the temperature... Full story


More From Lake Powell

Its time! Choose your species and technique Lake Powell is officially open for fishy business.  The lake has now stabilized and is slowly starting to rise.  Water temperature is rising. Bass are... Full story


Lake Powell Spring Forecast 2016

Lake Powell sportfish were warm and happy when tucked in for the winter in 2015. Shad production has been at peak levels for the past two summer seasons. Gizzard shad dependably produce a consistent... Full story


Lake Powell Fish Report

'Quality of life is measured by amount of time spent fishing.' Warm weather is settling in, resulting in big changes in fishing conditions. Shallow colored water warms more quickly than deep clear... Full story


Lake Powell - The Fishery Is In Awesome Shape

Each November we conduct our annual gillnet sampling to assess adult fish population strength, numbers and health. Since we will be on the lake for two weeks, this issue's fishing report will the... Full story


Now Is A Good Time At Lake Powell

My last fish report expressed the hope that stripers would start boiling again, but to my dismay, no boils have been reported this week. Unforgettable boil action has occurred in August, September,... Full story


Lake Powell Report

The fall sports season has begun with college and professional football kicking off. Not to be outdone, husky professional-size striped bass in Lake Powell are lining up to compete against the... Full story


Bait Worked Well

Brothers Jackson (10, right) and Vance (8, left) caught some large stripers while fishing with bait along Lake Powell?s shady canyon walls first thing in the morning. Striper boils get the most... Full story


Lake Powell Fish Report

http://www.wayneswords.com   Striper boils reported last week were visited by more happy anglers this week.  Stripers did not disappoint - if the proper rules were followed.  Stripers feed on... Full story


Lake Powell - A Learning Day Equals Time Well Spent

What a great day spent learning about striped bass behavior, attitudes, and preferences. It was time well spent. We headed out from Wahweap as the sky began to glow in the east. We made it to the... Full story


Lake Powell - Turn Your Angling Adventure Into Success

Subtle changes in fishing conditions continue. Here are some of the small events that may change your fishing adventure into a successful trip. Stripers have now received that warm-water spawning trig... Full story


Trophy Striper

Steve Roberts from Clear Lake, Iowa, had a great first trip to Lake Powell. He did his homework by reading all the fish reports on Wayneswords.com two weeks before his arrival. When he finally... Full story


Lake Powell Fish Report

http://www.wayneswords.com Fish reports from the first part of May are rolling in and all agree that we have seen the best fishing of the year and perhaps the best seen in a very long time. All... Full story


Lake Powell Fishing

The unseasonably warm water experienced lately has now turned seasonably cooler. The cold front chased bass off their nests, sent stripers deeper and slowed fishing success temporarily. But in reality... Full story


Lake Powell Report

The striper hot spot this week at Lake Powell is Good Hope Bay. This will be a recurring theme in 2015. Striper numbers and shad forage are higher in the northern lake. Reports from Good Hope this... Full story


Lake Powell

Sport fishing at Lake Powell enjoyed a great year in 2014. Threadfin shad came back in record numbers, allowing all fish species a seat at the banquet table. Fish responded by growing rapidly in the... Full story


Lake Powell

Inspired by Ray Young's catch, Mike McNabb and his son Paul tried fishing close to the Lake Powell Lone Rock Canyon walls, and voila, two big strippers! McNabb said they only caught three fish in... Full story


Lake Powell Stripers, Shad Ready For Winter

Striped bass annual migration is now almost complete. Fish movement begins in the spring as stripers react to warming water by leaving the backs of the canyons and heading toward the main channel to... Full story


Lake Powell Fishing Report

October is hunting season. It's time to put on the blaze-orange sweatshirt, load some weapons and get in the boat. The weapons should be transported fully loaded because the game appears quickly and... Full story


Lake Powell Fishing Report

Striper fishing has settled into a predictable pattern over the length of Lake Powell. Each morning striper schools come to the surface chasing shad schools. The trigger is first light which makes... Full story


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