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  • Lake Powell Fish Report

    Wayne Gustaveson|Oct 1, 2016

    Water temperatures have declined to 74 F in the morning, rising to 78 in the afternoon. These temperatures coincide with mid-June, which is a transition month for warm-water fish. In the spring, bass get ready to spawn while waiting for the preferred temperature (mid 60s). Shad get active in the low 70s. Stripers spawn when the water temperature rises quickly to the mid 70s. After all the spring time excitement based on water temperature, most fish experience a lull in activity during the 75-80... Full story

  • Lake Powell Fish Report

    Wayne Gustaveson|Aug 1, 2016

    'Quality of life is measured by amount of time spent fishing.' Stripers have moved out of the main channel and toward the backs of canyons. The move indicates that the shad food source has been well used in open water of the channel and bays. Slurping stripers have been relentless in pursuit of small newly-hatched shad. Those shad that have survived are seeking a sanctuary in the brush that now lines the shoreline. Shad have a better chance of avoiding predation if there is some kind of brushy... Full story

  • More Good News From Lake Powell

    Wayne Gustaveson|Aug 1, 2016

    When a tagged walleye is caught, take a picture of the fish and then a closeup of the tag number. Contact me with the tag number at 928 645 2392. Send a fishing report indicating how and where the fish was caught. You will then receive a prize donated by Sportsmans Warehouse, Fish Tech Outfitters, Stix Market, or Berkley. Other Fish Biting As Well Other fish are biting as well. Bait fishing continues to provide lots of stripers for anglers using anchovies along steep canyon walls. One... Full story

  • Lake Powell Fish Report

    Wayne Gustaveson|Jul 1, 2016

    The inflow to Lake Powell over the past days has exceeded 100,000 acre feet each day. The lake is still rising and will end up at the highest level recorded since 2012. Fish are excited because the lake is now flooding into green brush and trees. Bass and crappie really like brush habitat. Shad love brush because it helps them avoid the constant barrage of predators that have their eye on them. 2016 has been a wonderfully successful fishing year, so far, and it will continue through the summer... Full story

  • It's Time To Head To Powell For The 'Spring Fling'

    Wayne Gustaveson|Jun 1, 2016

    Fishing success has been great despite early mid-May's lingering cold and winds. The good news now is that morning water temperatures now exceed 60 degrees, which opens up opportunities for the second round of bass spawning, continuing gizzard shad spawning which will soon be followed by threadfin shad spawning. More forage is on the way for the many predators in Lake Powell. All Fish Are Hungry For this week, all fish are hungry and warming temperatures only increase the desire for food and... Full story

  • Lake Powell Fish Report

    Wayne Gustaveson|May 1, 2016

    Every spring season, bass and crappie wait for just the right water temperature before spawning. Water temperature at this writing was 57F, which means that on a warm, calm day, the temperature will increase in the afternoon to the 64F threshold where spawning begins. It seems that water has been warmer this spring but looking back through the history of the lake, bass and crappie normally spawn during the third week of April. For those who have not experienced this event, the first week of spaw... Full story

  • More From Lake Powell

    Wayne Gustaveson|May 1, 2016

    Its time! Choose your species and technique Lake Powell is officially open for fishy business. The lake has now stabilized and is slowly starting to rise. Water temperature is rising. Bass are moving into the shallows. Stripers are found in all portions of the lake. The peak of spring fishing opportunities begins right now. Let's look at each species of fish and what they have to offer. Bass Bass are ready to spawn and lake level is stable. These are perfect conditions for sight-fishing. Male... Full story

  • Lake Powell Spring Forecast 2016

    Wayne Gustaveson|Apr 1, 2016

    Lake Powell sportfish were warm and happy when tucked in for the winter in 2015. Shad production has been at peak levels for the past two summer seasons. Gizzard shad dependably produce a consistent number of offspring, but in 2014-2015, threadfin shad were produced in record numbers. Stripers, bass and walleye absolutely "love" threadfin shad. The shad boom came at just the right time for an aging striper population comprised of old stripers that were worn out from searching for the scarce... Full story

  • Lake Powell Fish Report

    Wayne Gustaveson|Apr 1, 2016

    'Quality of life is measured by amount of time spent fishing.' Warm weather is settling in, resulting in big changes in fishing conditions. Shallow colored water warms more quickly than deep clear water. Cold-blooded fish gravitate to and hang out in warmer water. The expected springtime fish movement to shallow, warmer water is now occurring. Stripers that were holding at 40-100 feet can now be found at 15-30 feet. Bass that were in deeper water are making their move to the backs of canyons... Full story

  • Lake Powell - The Fishery Is In Awesome Shape

    Wayne Gustaveson|Dec 1, 2015

    Each November we conduct our annual gillnet sampling to assess adult fish population strength, numbers and health. Since we will be on the lake for two weeks, this issue's fishing report will the last of the season. Sporadic reports will be sent out randomly when something unusual happens like a trophy fish being caught. For current fishing information during winter log on to Wayneswords.com. The next regular weekly report will be published the first week of March 2016. Stripers Late fall finds... Full story

  • Now Is A Good Time At Lake Powell

    Wayne Gustaveson|Nov 1, 2015

    My last fish report expressed the hope that stripers would start boiling again, but to my dismay, no boils have been reported this week. Unforgettable boil action has occurred in August, September, and early October but each of these episodes has been interrupted by quiet periods when stripers stay deep despite a high abundance of forage. When boiling stripers do splash on top in big groups, it is easy to find and then catch them with surface lures. I hope that happens soon but, while waiting,... Full story

  • Lake Powell Report

    Wayne Gustaveson|Oct 1, 2015

    The fall sports season has begun with college and professional football kicking off. Not to be outdone, husky professional-size striped bass in Lake Powell are lining up to compete against the smaller-but-more-numerous underdog shad population. Shad are huddling in the backs of the canyons hoping to come up with a playbook that will allow them to survive another day. Stripers are on the open water side of the scrimmage line waiting for the shad to venture out in the open where they become fair... Full story

  • Bait Worked Well

    Wayne Gustaveson|Sep 1, 2015

    Brothers Jackson (10, right) and Vance (8, left) caught some large stripers while fishing with bait along Lake Powell?s shady canyon walls first thing in the morning. Striper boils get the most attention now, but fishing with bait in the shade is a good way to spend time while waiting for evening boils to emerge.... Full story

  • Lake Powell Fish Report

    Wayne Gustaveson|Sep 1, 2015

    http://www.wayneswords.com Striper boils reported last week were visited by more happy anglers this week. Stripers did not disappoint - if the proper rules were followed. Stripers feed on their own schedule when in these bonus days of high shad numbers. The prime feeding time over the length of the lake was the last two hours of daylight. Major feeding events were described by lucky anglers as "covering 20 surface acres, continuing for hours, full of big fish, and totally satisfying." Those who... Full story

  • Lake Powell - A Learning Day Equals Time Well Spent

    Wayne Gustaveson|Aug 1, 2015

    What a great day spent learning about striped bass behavior, attitudes, and preferences. It was time well spent. We headed out from Wahweap as the sky began to glow in the east. We made it to the mouth of Navajo before sunrise in hopes of seeing the slurping stripers encountered there previously. I am not good at waiting, so we trolled while hoping for the first slurps to appear. That went well as we caught a 3-pound striper trolling a Lucky Craft Bevy Shad at 4 mph. As that fish was undergoing... Full story

  • Lake Powell - Turn Your Angling Adventure Into Success

    Wayne Gustaveson|Jul 1, 2015

    Subtle changes in fishing conditions continue. Here are some of the small events that may change your fishing adventure into a successful trip. Stripers have now received that warm-water spawning trigger and most have now spawned. Female stripers caught recently had no viable eggs left in the ovary. That is important because spawning occurs at night and daytime activity is very limited. One successful report from last week indicated a good trolling pattern at night with stripers from 2-10 pounds... Full story

  • Trophy Striper

    Wayne Gustaveson|May 15, 2015

    Steve Roberts from Clear Lake, Iowa, had a great first trip to Lake Powell. He did his homework by reading all the fish reports on Wayneswords.com two weeks before his arrival. When he finally arrived, he couldn't wait to get out on the lake. He launched at Wahweap and headed through the Castle Rock Cut to Warm Creek and started fishing for bass. There were a few bass that cooperated but it was challenging fishing due to the cold front that had just passed by. Roberts then headed to the back of... Full story

  • Lake Powell Fish Report

    Wayne Gustaveson|May 15, 2015

    http://www.wayneswords.com Fish reports from the first part of May are rolling in and all agree that we have seen the best fishing of the year and perhaps the best seen in a very long time. All species of fish were caught along the length and breadth of the lake. Smallmouth bass were the leader by a country mile followed about equally by largemouth bass, crappie, and walleye. Stripers came in last but there were a few clues to help find them in the coming days. Smallmouth Bass Smallmouth bass... Full story

  • Lake Powell Fishing

    Wayne Gustaveson|Apr 15, 2015

    The unseasonably warm water experienced lately has now turned seasonably cooler. The cold front chased bass off their nests, sent stripers deeper and slowed fishing success temporarily. But in reality that makes this a normal April with the various changes that occur every spring. Now it is easy to predict what will happen next by looking at the temperature and weather forecast. Plan the fishing trip for three to five-day warming periods and avoid cold fronts if possible. Both Large And Smallmou... Full story

  • Lake Powell Report

    Wayne Gustaveson|Mar 15, 2015

    The striper hot spot this week at Lake Powell is Good Hope Bay. This will be a recurring theme in 2015. Striper numbers and shad forage are higher in the northern lake. Reports from Good Hope this week indicate it is possible to catch 100 stripers per day while graphing and spooning. Begin At Good Hope Bay Begin the search in Good Hope Bay near Red Canyon. You may have to go as far as The Horn to find a school. Graph the 25-45 foot contour looking for big striper schools. These schools are... Full story

  • Lake Powell

    Wayne Gustaveson, Project Leader, Lake Powell Fisheries|Feb 15, 2015

    Sport fishing at Lake Powell enjoyed a great year in 2014. Threadfin shad came back in record numbers, allowing all fish species a seat at the banquet table. Fish responded by growing rapidly in the warm water during fall 2014. Now, over winter, feeding continues for striped bass. Fish health and condition is remarkable. Striped bass have not been this healthy since the backs of the canyons where shad spend the winter. It looks as if 2015 will be a year to fish the backs of the canyons instead... Full story

  • Lake Powell

    Wayne Gustaveson|Feb 15, 2015

    Inspired by Ray Young's catch, Mike McNabb and his son Paul tried fishing close to the Lake Powell Lone Rock Canyon walls, and voila, two big strippers! McNabb said they only caught three fish in three hours but it was definitely worth the trip.... Full story

  • Lake Powell Stripers, Shad Ready For Winter

    Wayne Gustaveson|Nov 15, 2014

    Striped bass annual migration is now almost complete. Fish movement begins in the spring as stripers react to warming water by leaving the backs of the canyons and heading toward the main channel to spawn. Then in summer they pursue forage in open water wherever they can find it whether on the surface or at great depths. As temperature declines in fall, stripers move toward the backs of canyons where they will spend the winter with shad schools that descend to 60-90 feet where water temperature... Full story

  • Lake Powell Fishing Report

    Wayne Gustaveson|Oct 15, 2014

    October is hunting season. It's time to put on the blaze-orange sweatshirt, load some weapons and get in the boat. The weapons should be transported fully loaded because the game appears quickly and then runs off even faster. If fully ready and very observant, there is time to get one shot off before the game slips out of range. This is not a road hunt but rather a very exciting fishing trip. The critters being pursued are surface-feeding striped bass and smallmouth bass. The weapons are... Full story

  • Lake Powell Fishing Report

    Wayne Gustaveson|Sep 15, 2014

    Striper fishing has settled into a predictable pattern over the length of Lake Powell. Each morning striper schools come to the surface chasing shad schools. The trigger is first light which makes shad form into tight schools following a night of happy wandering as individuals. Shad feed on plankton after dark but do not maintain the school mentality in low light. When visibility improves in the morning, each shad wants to be in the middle of the school while those shad on the outer edge of the... Full story

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