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Heber Wild Horse Territory

The Heber Wild Horse Territory was established in 1974. It was in conjunction with the Wild Horse & Burro Act that President Nixon signed into law in 1971. Since that time, horses in the Heber area... Full story


Water For Wildlife

Publishers Note: This article was first published in July 2016. However, the projects continue and always need more volunteers. Please Contact Don McDowell (Arizona Dear Association) for information... Full story


Think This Can't Happen?

This article was written in June of 2016. The annual hunting season, long declared to be barbaric by the social media watchdogs, was officially cancelled today by the Arizona Species Specialists, a... Full story


Wake Zone Op/Ed - Keyboard Killers Need To Be Held Accountable

Welcome to the Wild West! The Internet, with all of its wonderful benefits, has also become a place for of refuge for those without a life or the courage to get out and do something positive.... Full story

 By John Koleszar    Wildlife    June 1, 2017

Wake Zone/Op/Ed - Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places!

I read an article in one of the daily newspapers by a couple of individuals who represent organizations that proclaim that there should be jaguars all across Arizona. The article was morbidly interest... Full story

 By John Koleszar    Fishing    June 1, 2017

Love What You Do!

I had an opportunity this past month to escape the looming desert heat and visit with my son in Portland, Ore. Part of our get together involved going salmon fishing in the Tilamook Bay area. Yes, we... Full story

 By John Koleszar    Wildlife    May 1, 2017

WAKE ZONE/OP-ED - 'New Style' Sadly Replacing 'Old Style'

I recently watched some of the videos regarding the Salt River horses that the Arizona Republic was kind enough to film. They showed people who were out with their cell phones and cameras,... Full story


When Democracy Fails

We have all been led to believe that democracy is the best way of life and that the United States is the best example of how a society should be lived. I have long held that belief, but current... Full story

 By John Koleszar    RVing    October 1, 2016

OP/ED 1994: 'The Perfect Storm'

Contact Koleszar at to share your thoughts on this subject. For the past 20 years now, the conservation groups have been screaming about the land grabs and Endangered Species Act... Full story

Wild Burrow

Wake Zone Op/Ed

As the sweltering heat oppresses most of us in the Valley of the Sun, news items have come across my desk that bear repeating. I will not champion any particular item, but merely report (sometimes ton... Full story


Sportsmen To Lose Again!

While the sportsmen and women of Arizona have been patiently waiting for draw results, certain organizations have been using their political clout to remove another massive chunk of real estate from... Full story

 By John Koleszar    Hunting    June 1, 2016

Wake Zone, Op-Ed - May 22, 2036 Watch What The Future Holds:

'This is the end'... Jim Morrison, 1967 The annual hunting season, long declared to be barbaric by the social media watchdogs, was officially cancelled today by the Arizona Species Specialists, a... Full story

 By John Koleszar    Wildlife    May 1, 2016

Wake Zone Op-Ed - Buffalo

For those who are not aware, the State of Arizona has wild buffalo / bison. Those animals were brought to Arizona by one Charles "Buffalo" Jones in 1906. His dream was to create a hybrid animal and... Full story


Wake Zone

To: John ("JK") Koleszar & Western Outdoor Times, Arizona Boating and Watersports Re: "Western Wildlife" article in the February 2016 edition, "Wake Zone, What Price is Enough?" Challenge Accepted I w... Full story


Op-Ed - Ducey, Legislature Need To Help!

In 2006, I wrote a lengthy article about the inequities involved in the pay structure for the law enforcement personnel in the Arizona Game & Fish Department. The department was losing their... Full story


Wake Zone - Opinion

Every year the State of Arizona convenes the legislature in January and all kinds of bills pop up. Some are ludicrous (just ask Representative Townsend) and some are a response to critical problems. T... Full story


What Price Is Enough?

John ("JK") Koleszar can be reached at Before anyone sets out the lynch mobs, let me be perfectly clear - I really like horses. I rode them for years, found... Full story


Walk-In Water Troughs

Each year the Arizona Deer Association works with the Arizona Game & Fish Department Development Branch on worthwhile projects designed to help all wildlife but in particular, deer. The photos that... Full story


Making A Difference For Kids

In October, the Arizona Deer Association held a youth camp. I was privileged to be part of that event and it certainly proved to be eye opening for a lot of kids under the age of 18. Through the... Full story


Wake Zone: 'In My Opinion'

William “Billy” Edwards went to work last month, just as he has done every day for the past 25 years. He followed in his father’s footsteps as a computer consultant. His father was one of the pione... Full story


Anatomy Of Deception

It is time for a true survey, one that has credentials of being unbiased and one that polls people in the thousands, not just 300. The Defenders of Wildlife, the Sierra Club and a whole group of... Full story


Save All Our Public Lands for Wild Horses and Burros?

As an advocate for all wildlife, I found the recent furor over the horse situation in the Salt River Recreation area to be tremendously sad because of the lack of education of the general public.... Full story


The Truth About Arizona’s Big Bulls

The Truth About Arizona’s Big Bulls When I took the job as editor of this newsletter, little did I realize that I would have to put my life in jeopardy by going undercover to get the scoop on some r... Full story


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