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  • On The Cover July 2020

    Carol L Allen

    During this frustrating (to say the least!) time of virus-terror and frightening unrest in our country, this issue is trying to stay optimistic, while urging you to get outdoors and enjoy venues that are open. The cover photo from Wayne Gustaveson pictures one of the most-welcoming activities at this time: fishing! Two writers, Margie Anderson and Jim Allen, present refreshing destinations that can take your mind off the worries that are pressing on all of us. Closer to home, Tempe Town Lake is... Full story

  • Williams Arizona Part I

    Margie Anderson|Jul 1, 2020

    Maps Are Guides To So Many Cool Spots In Arizona Somebody asked me recently how John and I find so many cool places around Arizona. The answer is maps. I have a lot of maps. When we were planning our recent trip to Williams, I spread several maps out on the kitchen table: a DeLorme Atlas and Gazettee; a Forest Service Map of Kaibab National Forest Williams, Chalendar and Tusayan Ranger Districts; a National Geographic Trails Illustrated Topographic map of Sycamore Canyon and Verde Valley... Full story

  • Carol L Allen|Jul 1, 2020

    During my years at The Log newspaper in San Diego, one of my favorite mentors and friends was Lou Gerlinger, an avid boater and journalist. He had owned the publication and nurtured it during the 1970s and 1980s, selling it in 1990, but never really "retiring" from the paper. Gerlinger was still contributing stories under the byline "Log News Service". Gerlinger's remarkable 98 years were shared...  Website

  • 9th Annual Sand-Water-RV Expo

    Lake Havasu City 9th Annual Sand-Water- RV Expo

    Bob Brown

    With cooler Arizona temperatures on the way in a few months, recreation enthusiasts begin the seasonal transitionfrom summer to fall and winter outdoor activities like camping, fishing, boating, RVing, travel and off-roading. This means Southwest residents and vacationing visitors alike anxiously await the opportunity to enjoy everything that local deserts, mountains, rivers and lakes have to offer. Bigger, Better As it has for the past eight years, the official kick-off of approaching fall and... Full story

  • The Bats Are Back!

    AZGFD|Jul 1, 2020

    The chattery, fuzzy, winged creatures of the night are once again the stars of the Arizona Game and Fish Department's (AZGFD) live-streaming wildlife cameras. AZGFD installed the bat roost camera in 2018, giving wildlife enthusiasts throughout the world the chance to watch migratory Yuma myotis bats and other bat species while they roost at the Cluff Ranch Wildlife Area near Safford, in southeastern Arizona. "Bats are truly amazing animals," said Jeff Meyers, watchable wildlife program manager.... Full story

  • Lake Powell Fish Report June 24, 2020

    Wayne Gustaveson|Jul 1, 2020

    Lake Powell water temperature in the morning remains at 72F. It will get warmer but now the wind is still mixing the warm surface layers with cool deep layers of water. The lake remains very busy with lots of boats over the length of the lake. Get to the launch ramp early to head out for a morning fishing trip. Run Uplake I followed that advice recently and headed out to Warm Creek to test fishing success. We trolled for stripers but did not catch any. Then we switched to bass lures. We caught... Full story

  • Arizona Hunting Calendar July 2020

    AZGFD|Jul 1, 2020

    If tags are left over, first come applications accepted by mail on or after 8:00 a.m. July 20, 2020. Available at Game and Fish offices after 8:00 am July 27, 2020 except crane and raptor. ARIZONA BIG GAME SUPER RAFFLE: If you win, you can hunt AZ big game species for 365 days. Get raffle tickets for elk, antelope, Coues, mule deer, black bear, desert bighorn sheep, buffalo, mountain lion, javelina, turkey. Go to www.arizonabiggamesuperraffle.com.Mail Order Entries must be received by July 10,... Full story

  • The Official Mascot of 2020

    WOOT|Jul 1, 2020

    Full story

  • Self-Defense Handgun

    John Anderson|Jul 1, 2020

    Take Time To 'Try It On' And Practice We are currently in the process of buying a new handgun for our granddaughter who is soon moving out on her own. She has been shooting for years, but the only pistol that actually belongs to her is a Ruger .22 semi-automatic pistol. Now don't get me wrong – if a .22 is all you can shoot, it's better than nothing, but for self-defense I'd prefer her to have something with a little more power. Choosing A Gun The Fit First off, let me emphasize that all of the... Full story

  • Crown King

    Jim Allen|Jul 1, 2020

    10-Miles Across The Desert And Up Crown King adventure is waiting for you, Crown King, the top of the mountain, adventure, adventure, adventure.... Carol and I just returned from a few days in Crown King, Ariz. This was not our first trip but as always it was an adventure. And, not only an adventure because of the 28-miles of rough and winding road. Part of the adventure for us was in going just a few miles north west of the valley with its' several million people and finding this very small... Full story

  • Desert Tortoises

    AZGFD|Jul 1, 2020

    Much-needed rain brings out desert wildlife in Arizona. Animals may wander in search of mates, moisture and, if necessary, to escape flooding. Desert tortoises are one of several amazing species that can be encountered during Arizona's monsoon. Important Guidelines The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) urges the public to follow these important guidelines when coming across a desert tortoise: • Keep wild tortoises wild: Do not remove a tortoise from the wild. Taking a wild tortoise h... Full story

  • Arizona Wildlife Views Photo Contest

    AZBW|Jul 1, 2020

    Julie Curtis's winning photo of two Harris's antelope squirrels was on the 2020 calendar cover. Do you have a knack for capturing great photos of Arizona's wildlife? Do you want to see your photo on the cover of Arizona Wildlife Views magazine? Then you won't want to miss the Arizona Game and Fish Department's annual wildlife photo contest. This year we're partnering with Arizona Highways to provide an easier way to submit photographs. Entries are being accepted from 9 a.m. Monday, June 8, until... Full story

  • Mexican Wolf

    AZGFD|Jul 1, 2020

    A record 20 captive-born pups are cross-fostered into wild packs. The Mexican wolf recovery effort recently got a genetic boost when biologists from the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD), New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF), and Mexican Wolf Species Survival Plan (SSP), with extensive logistical support from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), worked together to cross-foster 20 genetically diverse wolf pups from captive facilities across the U.S. into litters of wild... Full story

  • GPS Signal Loss

    Boat US|Jul 1, 2020

    Controversial order threatens reliability of hundreds of millions of GPS units. SPRINGFIELD, Va., June 25, 2020 – The nation's largest advocacy, services and safety group for recreational boaters, Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS), says an April 22 decision by the Federal Communications Commission to give mobile satellite services operator Ligado Networks, a private-equity company, the green light to build and operate a land-based industrial 5G (fifth generation) wireless n... Full story

  • Boating Safety Concern

    Boat US|Jul 1, 2020

    BoatUS Foundation: Don’t try to have your own fireworks show. Celebrating America’s birthday, thousands of boaters are expected to hit the water this Fourth of July holiday weekend, recreational boating’s traditional busiest time of the year. With COVID-19, it certainly won’t be the same. The BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water has a few boating safety reminders just in time for the holiday. While boaters will need to follow social distancing guidelines, that’s not the only... Full story

  • Breeze By Webasto

    Boat US|Jul 1, 2020

    On a hot, humid day, even the wind generated from running at wide-open throttle can feel warm. At idle speed or anchor, the heat on the water can be unbearable. Breeze by Webasto 2.0 is the revolutionary air conditioning system for open-cockpit boats, blasting up to 30,000 BTU/h of refreshingly cold air. Available on many new Volvo Penta sterndrive-powered boats, it's a complete game-changer for anyone who wants to remain cool and comfortable, no matter the temperature. Plus, when autumn comes... Full story

  • Margie Anderson|Jul 1, 2020

    We went to Roosevelt one night with Clifford Pirch, and I was a bit surprised when he started throwing a spinnerbait. He explained that with a spinnerbait, you can cover quite a bit of water fairly quickly, looking for active fish, and even in the dark, a single large Colorado blade thumping along really gets attention. Spinnerbaits are also resistant to snagging on rocks and submerged trees. When you're fishing one at night, a dark color is best so it silhouettes against the sky. Hop It Up And...  Website

  • Margie Anderson|Jul 1, 2020

    Willow Springs Lake isn't the only lake on the Rim with bass, but it's one of the largest, and certainly one of the most popular. A lifelong resident of Pinetop, Ariz., TV host Johnny Johnson has spent countless days on Willow Springs fishing for bass. His television show, Fishing With Johnny Johnson, often features the lake as well. "My biggest bass from this lake was almost nine pounds," he says. A lot of anglers are surprised that such big largemouth are found in a lake in the high country,...  Website