On The Cover July 2020

Lighten Your Spirit


Wayne Gustaveson

During this frustrating (to say the least!) time of virus-terror and frightening unrest in our country, this issue is trying to stay optimistic, while urging you to get outdoors and enjoy venues that are open.

The cover photo from Wayne Gustaveson pictures one of the most-welcoming activities at this time: fishing! Two writers, Margie Anderson and Jim Allen, present refreshing destinations that can take your mind off the worries that are pressing on all of us.

Closer to home, Tempe Town Lake is a great place for some on-the-water activities. If kayaking and paddle boarding can't take your mind to a happier place, what can?

And, Bob Brown of Media Direction looks forward to an-always popular event at Lake Havasu: the Sand & Water Expo in November.

Yes, be safe; be careful. But, don't forget the options that can make even the toughest quarantine seem lighter on your spirit. I join you in holding hope for our future.


2 - DOWNSTREAM - Happy 4th of July to you!

4 - BOATING - Lou Gerlinger Remembered

8 - TACKLE & TARGET - This month's featured pro is Johnny Johnson.

11 - LAND CRUISING - Williams Awaits, It's worth the trip

14 - WESTERN WILDLIFE - 2020 Has A New Mascot

Upcoming Events

Lake Havasu City 9th Annual Sand-Water- RV Expo - Outdoor Recreation, Motorsports Take Center Stage

Watch Them Live - The Bats Are Back


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