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Breeze By Webasto 2.0 Is Smaller, More Powerful


On a hot, humid day, even the wind generated from running at wide-open throttle can feel warm. At idle speed or anchor, the heat on the water can be unbearable. Breeze by Webasto 2.0 is the revolutionary air conditioning system for open-cockpit boats, blasting up to 30,000 BTU/h of refreshingly cold air.

Available on many new Volvo Penta sterndrive-powered boats, it's a complete game-changer for anyone who wants to remain cool and comfortable, no matter the temperature. Plus, when autumn comes and the weather changes, it'll generate heat with the flip of a switch.

Smaller and lighter than the original, Breeze by Webasto 2.0 runs on 12V DC but doesn't require a generator. It uses an engine-mounted and belt-driven compressor. The condenser and pump are easily installed in the engine compartment, and the compact evaporators are placed where access is available, such as inside the console or dash, or under gunwales.

Breeze by Webasto 2.0 works similarly to an automotive air conditioner, but instead of using air to cool the condenser, it uses fresh or seawater like most traditional marine air conditioners. Easy to use, it has a simple on/off switch and three fans speed settings to optimize airflow for conditions.

A simple system for any boatbuilder to add during manufacturing, Webasto is currently working on a version for Mercruiser sterndrive engines. It's currently offered on compatible Cobalt, Four Winns and Nautique models.

"We proactively responded to the comments received from our boatbuilder partners," said David Wollard, senior director-marine climate Americas region, Webasto Group. "Breeze by Webasto 2.0 draws upon the exceptional success of original version and delivers unprecedented performance."


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