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VFW 3513 Alley Cats

Greystoke & Spooky Too

Series: Veterans In The News | Story 67

VFW 3513 Alley Cats Rescue

The 'VFW Alley Cat Project'

Has Brought Kitties, Vets, And Community Together

Another Success Story

Fearless Kitty Rescue was kind enough to help us find a home for Greystoke. Greystoke was one of those young cats who just tells you he would like a real home.

In fact Greystoke found two homes. The owners of the first home did not know until Greystoke got there that the husband was allergic to cats.

They reluctantly had to bring Greystoke back to Fearless Kitty. While there the second time Greystoke met Spooky Too. They became inseparable.

Fearless Kitty was determined that they should be adopted as a pair. They did and the two have a new home together.

Thank You Fearless Kitty Rescue. More About Fearless Kitty Rescue


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