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Buffalo Rifles

Background American history is filled with many great and proud moments. Unfortunately, the decisions that led to the eradication of the American Bison herds to the brink of extinction do not count... Full story


The Gunsmiths Address Firearms Disassembly

If you have an owner's manual for your firearm, this is an excellent place to start. Read the manual through several times before you pick up a tool. If there is a video available watch it. Does it fo... Full story


Lessons From The Gunsmiths

This is a question that seems to come up on a frequent basis, often after the individual has just put away his or her wallet or check book. It is a good question for any person who owns firearms,... Full story


Mike Berger Pat Knight

We finally had a brief bit of time to do some additional work on the Martini, after catching up on the urgent work for customers who were going on hunts and had not planned ahead. It was a lot of... Full story


Martinis, Anyone? - The Gunsmiths Continue Their Martini Restoration

Editor's Note: To review the first part of this article, visit, October 2017, and search for "Martinis, Anyone?"by Mike Berger and Pat Knight. http://www.westernoutdoortime... Full story


Martinis, Anyone?

These Martinis are neither shaken nor stirred. Instead they are made to be shot. Of course I am referring to the Martini-Henry Rifle... So where did these Martini rifles come from? In learning about... Full story


A Mini-Mauser - The Remarkable Gunsmiths Fire Up Another Project

It was a fun road trip. Prescott is a beautiful city, and the drive up always seems to be a pleasant outing; besides, the destination is not only the city. For those of you who haunt gun shops,... Full story


The Two Gunsmiths Finish Their Story

'Working on guns is a very interesting skill to learn, and a very satisfying process to become involved in.' Following is their chapter of completion, the conclusion of this fascinating project.... Full story


Rifle Number Two

As the first rifle we discussed in previous issues, this one also had a concept of purpose at its foundation. Going back into history, William Jeffery was a competitor of John Rigby Company. Rigby is... Full story


The Two Gunsmiths Continue Their Project/Passion

By Mike Berger with Pat Knight Editor's Note: Retired Fire Chief Mike Berger and his friend Pat Knight have been submitting articles about the progression of refurbishing vintage rifles; their mutual... Full story


Shooting The Savage Model 1899

By Mike Berger and Pat Knight Well, the Savage Model 1899 finally had a range day, with both good and not-so-good results. First the good news, it shot very well with both .38-55 Winchester and .375... Full story


110 Years Later

With the care of two experts, the Model 1899 is now ready for the range. By Mike Berger and Pat Knight Editor's Note: The beginning, middle, and end of this restoration saga areal included as we feel... Full story


Retired Fire Chief Brings New Life To Old Guns

Editor's Note: Although Part 1 of this incredible restoration story appeared in the July issue, it is included here again so that the whole story of the old Winchester is not lost. Berger continues... Full story


Retired Fire Chief Brings New Life To Old Guns

It sat quietly in the corner of the shop, behind a group of other rifles. This was the corner where trade-in rifles that were not in the best shape were placed. This particular rifle had begun its... Full story


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