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Curling - Our Favorite 'Frozen Watersport'

The Coyotes Curling Club is a "howling" Arizona success story. All one has to do to see that the group is a busy and dedicated sport club is to view a few examples of their ongoing activities. You... Full story

 By AZBW    Watersports    January 15, 2015

Coyotes Curling Club Kudos

After 11 years of teaching Valley residents and visitors how to curl, hosting tournaments, and offering all types of leagues, the Coyotes Curling Club relocated this past April from their Scottsdale,... Full story


Watersports Ride On Science, History, Innovators

It's All Just Science Sometimes we take for granted all of the science and engineering that goes into the watersports we love. Whether it's the way our skis or wakeboards are shaped, the variables... Full story

 By AZBW    Watersports    July 15, 2014

A Salute To Swimming

It may be a desert state, but Arizona has many great swimming holes. Nestled here and there near mountain springs and along tributaries of rivers, these natural spas are popular with hikers,... Full story

 By AZBW    Watersports    July 15, 2014

Pools Are The New Balconies - Literally, It Seems

A skyscraper under construction in Mumbai (previously known as Bombay), India, not only includes more than 200 apartments, three levels of car parking, a gym and sauna, but it also features pools on... Full story

 By AZBW    Watersports    June 15, 2014

Good Luck Willie!

Willie Schultz, a graduate of Arizona State University and now a resident of Ketchikan, Ala., is a marathon swimmer who trained for ocean swimming in La Jolla, Calif. The week of June 20, depending... Full story

 By AZBW    Watersports    April 15, 2014

Arizona Aqua Stars Synchronized Swimming Team

Masters Star for a Day Ladies, have you ever seen synchronized swimming on TV? Maybe you have seen the spoof from Saturday Night Live. Or perhaps you have always wanted to be a water ballerina? The... Full story

 By AZBW    Watersports    March 15, 2014

Congratulations, Curlers!

We are almost there. The final tasks are being completed and the ice is being prepped. After several months of hard work and long hours, we are in our final few days at our new dedicated curling... Full story

 By IWWF    Watersports    February 15, 2014


Snowboard certainly showed the World some of the most exciting contests ever seen in the Winter Games. The IOC focus on more new youth focused sports has certainly been successful. When it comes to th... Full story


It's In The House!

The Coyotes Curling Club is proud to announce we’ve leased property to institute Arizona’s first and only dedicated curling club — in Tempe, Ariz. Yes, the Olympic sport on ice! The ribbon cutti... Full story


Congratulations, Coyotes!

Through tremendous member and community support, the Coyotes Curling Club has reached an agreement to construct Arizona’s first dedicated curling facility at 2202 W Medtronic Way, Tempe! It will be t... Full story

 By USCG    Watersports    September 15, 2013

Parasailing Operations

A series of parasail incidents resulting in fatalities and injuries have occurred over the last few years. Since 2006, there have been 11 deaths and 52 injuries as a result of parasailing activities.... Full story

 By WOT    Watersports    August 15, 2013

Yuma River Tours - Cruise The Colorado

Step into the history, beauty and wildlife of the mighty Colorado River. Join Yuma River Tours for an unforgettable journey. Spend the day on the cool waters of one of the world’s greatest rivers a... Full story

 By IWWF    Watersports    August 15, 2013

World Waterski Racing Championships

Waterski Racing is one of the most spectacular extreme sports ever created! For the third time, Spain will host the World Waterski Racing Championships following Spain’s highly successful events in 1... Full story



Thursday’s spectacular Opening Ceremony involved hundreds of dancers from Salsa Schools, Afro and Folk Groups, Musicians, Acrobats, one million watts of light, plus 60,000 watts of sound and 2,000 sq.m of colorful projections! As the athletes from 1... Full story


Calling All Curlers! - It's A Frozen Watersport

First of all, the Summer League has been announced! We are looking for a minimum of 32 curlers who want to get out of the heat and have some fun curling, regardless if you are a newbie or veteran of t... Full story


Scottsdale, Ariz.

“Flowboarding” is not just a ride, it is a sport — a 21st Century alchemy that has the look of surfing, the ride of snowboarding, the tricks of skateboarding, and boards derived from wakeb... Full story


Coyotes Curling Club Hope For Dedicated Facility

Dear Editor, The Coyotes Curling Club has been in business for over eight years and has been built on a solid foundation of membership enthusiasm, dedication, and spirit of volunteerism. Our club’s mission is to Promote access to and participation i... Full story


Two Ways

The Coyotes Curling Club invites you to enjoy and/or promote the "frozen watersport" of curling in the Southwest by participating in the winter "Learn To Curl" classes and leagues or joining in the... Full story

 By IWWF    Watersports    November 15, 2012


Taking place just 400km from the Equator at Palembang City in Indonesia in constant 33C / 96Fh temperatures, this 35th World Cup Stop of the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) was on... Full story


At Bartlett Lake

Is your state getting too cold to ride? Well, here in Arizona, we ride all year round! AZ WakeGirls is an organization in Arizona that produces ride days at least one day a week at Bartlett Lake. We... Full story


Let's Curl! --

with the Coyotes Curling Club. Our favorite "frozen watersport" begins again on Friday, Sept. 28 and Saturday, Sept. 29. We are still accepting registration forms and have extended the early cut-off... Full story


Star Swimmer --

Olivia Ekberg, 14, of Gilbert, represented her local synchronized swimming team, and Team USA by competing in the Pam American Games in Cali, Columbia, last week. Ekberg stomped the competition,... Full story


A Salute To All Olympic Athletes

A Salute To All Olympic Athletes The Summer Games in London 2012 have kept many of us mesmerized by and in awe of the skill, stamina, commitment, and perseverance of the athletes from all... Full story


Bartlett Lake Jet Skis

Bartlett Lake Jet Skis Fun On The Water: Why Go Anywhere Else? Bartlett Lake Jet Skis offers the largest personal watercraft rental fleet in the area. Just like our boat fleet, you can be assured... Full story


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