Times Spent Outdoors: Priceless!

Congratulations, Curlers!

Coyotes Curling Club 'Howls' At Success

We are almost there. The final tasks are being completed and the ice is being prepped. After several months of hard work and long hours, we are in our final few days at our new dedicated curling facility in Tempe, Ariz. See you on the ice!

Let's Curl

Spring Training Bonspiel: March 21-23 - This will be an open bonspiel, for all to enter. You can find out the details at http://www.springtrainingbonspiel.com and register online. You can sign up as a team, or send an e-mail if you are interested in playing, but don't have a team.

Desert Ice Bonspiel: April 10 – 13 - The big one! We will need volunteers to help with all aspects of this event as it is sold out with 32 teams descending on our club.

Learn To Curls, Leagues: All of the Learn-To-Curls will be announced shortly. Planned to start soon, the leagues will run their full length of 10 to 12 weeks, (Two five-week session for the Wednesday PM league). You can always buy a gift certificate from our site and redeem it at one of the many events we will have. For more information on leagues, visit our registration page at http://coyotescurling.com/leagueregistration.html. If you have any questions on leagues, you can e-mail our League Coordinator Shawn Tait (shawntait@coyotescurling.com) and for questions on the Learn-To-Curls, email Darryl Horsman: theskip@coyotescurling.com.

League And Membership Registration: League registration is still up and running on our Web site: http://coyotescurling.com. Please let us know what league(s) you are interested in playing in. This will help us to continue to work out our schedule. The future schedule for the new facility is online. Go to our Web site for updates.

Fundraising: We still need a bit more money to pay for the final items of our new club. Here are some of the fundraising efforts:

1) Buy a Brick Program: Displayed in the warm room of our curling club. Prices are $300 for 1 line of print, $600 for 2 lines and $1,200 for businesses; the program is open to anyone.

2) Sponsorship Opportunities: In-Ice logos, wall logos and naming rights for leagues and the building. Contact Darryl Horsman (theskip@coyotescurling.com) for more information and/or download the sponsorship packet.

3) Bond Program: Bonds earn 5 percent interest and are for 10 years.


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