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  • On The Cover February 2022

    Carol L Allen

    In A Word: Huzzah! Once again (and after a covid interruption in 2021) the Arizona Renaissance Festival and Artisan Marketplace is back. It features a 16-stage theater, an outdoor whimsical village, a 50-acre circus, an arts and crafts fair, jousting tournaments, and a feast, all rolled into one nonstop, daylong adventure. This is the rowdy, raucus event that is well encapsulated in its motto: Huzzah! On a much quieter note, shhh: the eagles are breeding. These magnificent birds ask for your... Full story

  • Carol L Allen

    February Is A Month To Both Pause And Reflect - And To Act February 5 Downstream Events Calendar February 2022Celebration Of Life Austin Deuel Saturday, Feb. 5 VFW Post 3513 7220 E. Wilshire Drive Scottsdale, Ariz. 85257 February 5 through April 3 Downstream Events Calendar February 2022Annual Arizona Renaissance Festival and Artisan Marketplace: a 16-stage theater, an outdoor whimsical village, ........  Website

  • AZGFD Hunting Calendar February 2022

    Margie Anderson|Feb 1, 2022

    February 2022 Hunting Calendar Compiled By Margie Anderson Make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to hunt! Keep an eye on the Arizona Game and Fish website at azgfd.gov so you know when the latest regulation booklets are available. Applications are only online now. Don’t miss out! YOU CAN APPLY FOR 2022 ELK AND PRONGHORN UNTIL FEBRUARY 8, 2022, 11:59:59 PM MST. APPLY ONLINE. YOU MUST HAVE A LICENSE THAT IS VALID ON DEADLINE DAY – FEB 8. Draw deadlines for deer, fall turkey, fall javelina, bigho... Full story

  • Life Jackets For Dogs And Cats

    Boat US|Feb 1, 2022

    And Cats Chances are he or she should wear a life jacket. The last thing we want is for Fido to fall overboard, creating panic onboard, and a potential safety nightmare. Fitting him or her for a life jacket is easy - really! - if you follow a few simple tips. "Some of the most important safety items on any boat are the life jackets - for you, your passengers, and of course your "best friend." Since our last report on this topic years ago, the canine life jacket market has taken off by leaps and... Full story

  • B.A.S.S. Nation Lake Havasu

    AZBW|Feb 1, 2022

    T.N.T Fireworks B.A.S.S. Nation Western Regional coming soon to Lake Havasu. B.A.S.S. Nation is hosting its Western regional qualifier at Lake Havasu and you can watch these top anglers weigh-in their daily catches! There are three events scheduled from 3- 5 p.m.: Wednesday, Feb. 23, Thursday, Feb. 24, and Friday, Feb. 25. Spectators are welcome to pay the Lake Havasu State Park day-use fee of $20 per vehicle (1-4 adults) or $3 for pedestrian and bicyclists to check-out the weigh-in! Daily... Full story

  • Hall of Flame

    Carol L. Allen

    The Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting was honored today [December 20, 2021] by a visit from Carol Allen and her daughter Chelle; Carol comes in every year at this time to commemorate another daughter, Rural Metro Firefighter/EMT Lisa "Spooky" Brookes-Haws, who passed on eight years ago today and who is memorialized with a brick in our Hall of Heroes (she got her nickname because she was born on Halloween):... Full story

  • Veterans Get Free Lifetime Access To National Parks


    New law gives veterans and Gold Star Families free lifetime access to America's national parks. A new law is giving current military and their dependents, veterans and Gold Star Families free lifetime access to national parks and federal recreational lands. The Alexander Lofgren Veterans in Parks (VIP) Act was rolled into the National Defense Authorization Act, which was signed into law December 28, 2021 . "When you take your oath, if you go into the service, to protect and defend the... Full story

  • AZ Lakes AZ Pros Debbie Blanchard At Havasu

    Margie Anderson|Feb 1, 2022

    Early in February it can seem like the fish are on strike," says local resident and ournament angler Debbie Blanchard, "but before long the big smallmouth start to move in and you can catch a lot of really big fish." The smallmouth begin to spawn when the water reaches about 58 degrees, and they spawn deeper than largemouth do. Easy To Spot Debbie looks for beds in at least ten feet of water. They're easy to spot, she says, because smallmouth nests are as much as three times as big as... Full story

  • Arizona Desert Drive by Margie Anderson

    Margie Anderson|Feb 1, 2022

    We save most of our desert drives for winter because although our Jeep would make it through snow and mud, many northern Arizona off-highway trails are closed in winter, and we also don't like to make deep ruts in muddy roads just from a conservation standpoint. It's too hot in summer to really enjoy a desert drive, because we like to get out of the Jeep and do a lot of walking and exploring. In the summer we have not only the excessive heat to contend with, but also my constant fretting that... Full story

  • Arizona Bald Eagle Breeding Season

    AZGFD|Feb 1, 2022

    Arizona's bald eagles are back, and they will soon be preparing for the next generation of eagles at breeding sites statewide. To assist with the state's continued bald eagle population growth, the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) encourages outdoor recreationists, aircraft pilots, drone operators and motorized paragliders to do their part by not disturbing the state's 93 eagle breeding areas. Hope For A Productive Breeding Season To protect breeding attempts, some portions of public... Full story

  • Patriots Pen Essay Winner Dakota Park

    Carol L Allen

    Patriots Pen Essay Local Winner Is Dakota Park Patriots Pen Essay Local Winner Is Dakota Park Editor's Note: Dakota penned this patriotic essay when she was only 12 years old and in 7th grade. Her entry won locally in the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3513 Auxiliary competition. (Only minimal editing has been done to the original entry.) To be a good American, you take an oath to [pledge] all loyalty to this country. You follow the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. You are given the right to... Full story

  • 'Gumby's' Skull

    NPS|Feb 1, 2022

    After years of study and preparation the skull of Gumby the Phytosaur will be on display in the Rainbow Forest Museum at Petrified Forest National Park. Gumby is a specimen of phytosaur called Smilosuchus adamanensis (the name means 'chisel crocodile' of Adamana). Phytosaurs are a group of extinct crocodile-like reptiles that lived in Arizona during the Late Triassic. Fossils of at least 9 different types of Phytosaurs have been found within the park and they were likely a dominant predator... Full story

  • AZGFD Kestrels

    AZGFD|Feb 1, 2022

    The American kestrel, formerly known as the sparrow hawk, is North America's smallest and most colorful falcon. During the breeding season, kestrels need access to nesting cavities and perches found in trees and saguaros. American kestrels lack the ability to excavate their own nest cavities, so they rely on structures already built by other animals, such as woodpeckers. Although a relatively abundant species, population declines have been detected throughout much of the species range,... Full story

  • AZGFD Owls

    AZGFD|Feb 1, 2022

    The western burrowing owl is one of the most interesting birds of prey in Arizona. Its species name, cunicularia, means "miner", in reference to this owl's unusual habit of spending time underground. Their use of burrows makes them susceptible to impacts from ground-disturbing activities. Burrowing owls are increasingly at risk of displacement in the greater Phoenix area due to commercial and residential development. As one of several solutions to help conserve and protect the species, the... Full story

  • Bald Eagles

    AZGFD|Feb 1, 2022

    Once endangered, bald eagles have been slowly growing their numbers around the country. Thanks to the careful work of the Arizona Game and Fish Department and its partners on the Southwestern Bald Eagle Management committee – a coalition that includes government agencies, private organizations and Native American tribes – we've made good progress recovering bald eagle populations in Arizona. From tracking just 11 breeding pairs in 1978, we monitored an estimated 69 pairs in 2018. Even more imp... Full story

  • Austin Deuel

    Carol L Allen

    This Remarkable Man Has Left An Incredible Legacy For Us All Editor's Note: It is difficult to encapsulate the details of the life of this richly talented man who has captured both the horror of war and the beauty of military heroes' service along with the remarkable portraits of the American West. How one man could capture so much history in his works and create so much meaningful beauty is hard to fathom, but Austin Deuel did just that, and we honor him today. We offer a sketch here that only... Full story

  • Coraline Evaluation

    AZBW|Feb 1, 2022

    Publishers Note - This was written by Christopher Hernandez a student at Rio Salado College. Our category WOOT stands for Western Outdoor Other Times and we thought this was a well written essay. What a great semi dark kids movie. Coraline is a movie based on Neil Gaiman’s novella with the same name that was published in 2002. It is a PG rating stop-motion animation movie. The movie was released in theaters on Feb 6, 2009, by Henry Selick. It is an amazing film because of the story, time and w... Full story

  • Grand Canyon Adventure

    Jim Allen|Feb 1, 2022

    Conrad was in the left seat of the vintage Twin Bonanza pointed West on the Deer Valley, Arizona runway. Sitting in the right seat was his date Virginia. In the spacious cabin behind were Jack, Lynn, Jim and his date. Virginia had not been in the airplane before. Jack and Lynn had taken numerous trips with Conrad and Jim. Jim had flown hundreds of hours with Conrad to all sorts of destinations. This trip began the night before when Jack had called Conrad and Jim and suggested they make a trip to... Full story

  • Icy Cold Was The Summer

    Carol L Allen|Feb 1, 2022

    Icy Cold Was the Summer is Carol Lemon Allen's first mystery novella; it was recognized at the 35th annual Local Authors Exhibit of the San Diego Public Library. Just before Jim and I left Phoenix, Arizona, for our month-long trip to the United Kingdom, I received a letter from some old Canadian friends--the Cramptons. The Cramptons had been a young, childless couple we had known in Calgary before they were moved by a communications system to London, England. They had been there for several... Full story

  • Veterans And Kitties

    AZBW|Feb 1, 2022

    Publishers Note - We would like to thank the VFW 3513 Auxiliary for their perseverance and support of this great project. And, a special thank you to all of the VFW 3513 Post members for their acceptance and support of this rescue project. Even those who did not have a lot of history with felines seem to have, in their own way, supported this effort. Another thank you goes out to neighbors of Post 3513 who have supported this effort with their help, caring, and in some cases financially. This... Full story

  • Ukraine

    WOOT|Feb 1, 2022

    Publishers Note - Ukrainians Fight Putin And Their Own Corrupt Government. Ukrainian civilians are fighting and dying for their families, their homes, and their country. Americans and Canadians should pay very close attention to this. For those who ask: “Why does Ukraine matter? “ This is why Ukraine matters. It is the second largest country by area in Europe by area and has a population of over 40 million - more than Poland. Ukraine ranks: 1st in Europe in proven recoverable reserves of ura... Full story