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  • On The Cover January 2021

    On The Cover January 2021

    Carol L Allen

    With the incredibly difficult year behind us and 2021 full of hope, an ideal way to celebrate is to get out the pole and bait and go fishing! Masks? No problem. Social distancing? No problem. In fact, there is probably no safer way to enjoy the change of seasons than to get out outside and cast a line. There are some beautiful and productive spots in Arizona, including in the nearby Community Waters, now stocked with luscious trout. We wish you tight lines and a very Happy New Year. PORTS Page... Full story

  • Zoo Lights

    AZBW|Jan 1, 2021

    Cruise Zoolights For the first time in the history of the Phoenix Zoo, experience millions of twinkling lights and dazzling animal sculptures from the comfort of your own vehicle. Start your Cruise ZooLights adventure waving hello to Jengo and Tortuga at the Doornbos Discovery Amphitheater. Then cruise the newly added Outer Tropics Trail and enjoy the festive scenes of Polar Paradise in the Forest of Uco. Then experience the Africa Trail and see the all NEW Wildlife Lantern Safari, featuring 66... Full story

  • Albino Trout

    AZGFD|Jan 1, 2021

    AZGFD’s Canyon Creek Hatchery will provide some trout for the department's Community Fishing Program waters this winter. The current drought conditions have caused reduced spring water flows at the hatchery, making it difficult to maintain the quality water flow needed to support the large number of fish in its raceways. Utilizing some of the fish for winter stockings in community waters will reduce numbers of trout at the hatchery and help ensure the fish there have adequate water to grow a... Full story

  • Boat Survey For Safety

    USCG|Jan 1, 2021

    National Boating Safety Survey shapes local, national safety policy. An all-encompassing report on recreational boating activity in the U.S. is giving the U.S. Coast Guard, policymakers and the boating community the ability to shape smart boating safety policy into the future. Issued last week by the Coast Guard, The National Recreational Boating Safety Survey (NRBSS) looks at boating participation demographics, trends, boat use, at-risk boating populations, boating safety and more. The survey d... Full story

  • Peregrine Falcons

    Peregrine Falcons

    AZGFD|Jan 1, 2021

    The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) is getting ready to roll out a new and exciting way to keep people connected with the state's diverse wildlife. In addition to partnering with the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center and Boyce Thompson Arboretum on a virtual speaker wildlife series during the pandemic, the department's Watchable Wildlife Program will be adding mostly critter-based lectures twice each month beginning Jan. 7. The 90-minute lectures will be hosted by AZGFD biologists... Full story

  • E15 Warning Labels

    Boat US|Jan 1, 2021

    Survey reveals the warning to avoid putting the wrong fuel in the tank is failing. With the boat in tow, you head to the gas station to fill her up. At the pump you find a fuel prohibited for use in boats, E15 gas, being sold alongside approved E10 fuel. What's to prevent you from misfueling? A little warning label about the size of a pack of gum that's often hard to notice, difficult to understand, and too often fails to protect consumers, said boat owners and other non-road-engine users in a r... Full story

  • Baked Trout

    AZBW|Jan 1, 2021

    Galley Proof Baked Fresh Rainbow Trout - From All Recipes.com Very easy and tasty recipe for fresh rainbow trout that my family loves. It takes very little time and is much lighter than ocean fish. I use whole fish you can buy already gutted from the supermarket, with heads and tails still on. Make sure you pick trout that are really, really fresh. I find the dish doesn't even need lemon slices but you can use them if you like. The key is to remember to add the water to the dish as instructed... Full story

  • How To Practice When You Can't Find Ammo

    John Anderson|Jan 1, 2021

    The year 2021 is starting out with ammunition shortages that are probably going to continue well into the year, according to the NRA. Even guys who reload their own ammo are having a hard time, because primers are in short supply too. If you have a bit of ammo, you might be loathe to shoot it up until you can replace it, and I get that – I feel the same way. But just because you don't want to "waste" your ammo doesn't mean you can't practice and keep your shooting skills sharp. Shotgun P... Full story

  • Learn To Tow A Trailer

    AZBW|Jan 1, 2021

    By Anthony St. Clair Safe Driving Towing a trailer can feel daunting and intimidating. But with preparation, practice, and a few tips though, anyone can safely tow a trailer - and with just about any vehicle. How Much Weight? Check your car's owner manual to see how much weight you can tow. You don't have to have a big truck to tow a trailer. Crossovers, SUVs, sedans, and hatchbacks can all take a trailer hitch. The key is the towing capacity - which even for small vehicles can be more than... Full story

  • Arizona Bald Eagles

    AZGFD|Jan 1, 2021

    Arizona's bald eagles are back, and they will soon be preparing for the next generation of eagles at breeding sites statewide. To assist with the state's continued bald eagle population growth, the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) encourages outdoor recreationists, aircraft pilots, drone operators and motorized paragliders to do their part by not disturbing the state's 92 eagle breeding areas. To protect breeding attempts, some portions of public land and water areas will be temporarily... Full story

  • U.S. Coast Guard Documentation Alert

    Boat US|Jan 1, 2021

    BoatUS advises boaters to be vigilant when renewing USCG vessel documentation. Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) is advising boaters with vessels that have a U.S. Coast Guard Certificate of Documentation to be wary of any letter arriving by U.S. mail offering renewal. BoatUS advises that while the Coast Guard does send official annual renewal notices by U.S. mail, other notices being received by members are not from the Coast Guard but rather third-party companies whose name... Full story

  • JBL Speakers

    AZBW|Jan 1, 2021

    Water skiing, wakesurfing, wakeboarding and tubing are more fun and exhilarating when music is added. But too many speakers don't take distance and water reflection into consideration. The JBL by Harman Tower X Marine Speaker System from Prospec Electronics is different. Designed for watersports, it delivers audiophile-level fidelity at the full volume range and an LED light show that adds to the excitement. Fully marinized, the Tower X Marine Speaker System has a unique angled face design that... Full story

  • Shurhold Camera Adapter

    AZBW|Jan 1, 2021

    The Internet is full of incredible photos and videos taken with action cameras. With the Shurhold Camera Adapter, it's easy to mount a GoPro or Garmin VIRB to any of their 11 handles and capture breathtaking overhead shots or even underwater footage. And unlike a common selfie stick, it won't snap off when that once-in-a-lifetime moment happens. Made from a durable polymer with corrosion-resistant hardware, the Camera Adapter is built for an outdoor environment. Handheld or propped against an... Full story

  • SuperSport Venture

    AZBW|Jan 1, 2021

    VALUABLE -- It only takes one foggy, disorienting day on the water to make a boat owner understand the value of a compass. The SuperSport Venture SS-PR2 from Ritchie Navigation is the ideal new or replacement magnetic compass for boats from 16' to 35' in length. It comes with the unique Compensation Module that allows for dash or bulkhead installation locations that are near equipment that might otherwise affect deviation. Contact local dealers.... Full story

  • Red Snapper From The Gulf Of Mexico

    Jan 1, 2021

    Recently the U.S. House of Representatives passed without objection H.R. 5126, the Direct Enhancement of Snapper Conservation and the Economy through Novel Devices Act of 2020 (DESCEND Act). The bill requires recreational (including charter boats) and commercial fishermen to have on board a venting tool or descending device that is rigged and ready for use while fishing for reef fish in Gulf of Mexico federal waters. The recreational fishing and boating community strongly supports the DESCEND... Full story

  • Happy New Year!

    Margie Anderson|Jan 1, 2021

    The year 2020 saw a lot of people venturing into the outdoors for the first time. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, this past year 6.2 million new shooters took up the sport. There was also a spike in camping and other outdoor activities. Some people were afraid to gather together inside, but outside is a different matter. If you are one of the newbies, I hope you continue to enjoy the outdoors this year and for many years to come. Many Good Reasons There are a lot of good... Full story

  • Wildlife Rules

    AZGFD|Jan 1, 2021

    The Arizona Game and Fish Commission, through its authority to regulate the take, handling, and possession of wildlife, approved the Notice of Final Rulemaking regarding rules for possessing live wildlife at a public meeting Dec. 4. This important update to the Commission's rules will help to protect Arizona's native wildlife and enhance public safety. This body of regulations is critical to the protection of Arizona's diverse native wildlife species from population level threats, such as the re... Full story

  • Margie Anderson|Jan 1, 2021

    Ben Matsubu once took sixth place in a WON Bass Tri-State Championship on Mead with a split-shot rig. He said he watched another guy fish a bank and catch nothing, then Ben went behind him with a split-shot rig and caught eleven fish off that same bank. A split-shot rig is hard to beat when fish are cold and sluggish, and won't move far or take a big bait. Set Themselves ......  Website