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  • Marine Stereo

    Martin Flory Group|Mar 1, 2024

    RiverPark Marine's JBL-R3500 source unit was built from the ground up for harsh weather. The stereo receiver overcomes rain, spray and rinse downs, yet delivers the rich, immersive sound quality JBL source units are known for. The JBL-R3500 is the first level in the WAKE series. Beyond AM/FM and weather band reception, it offers BT5.0 with ID streaming. BT5.0 provides greater control distance and faster data speeds compared to older generations of Bluetooth. With USB and aux ports, it... Full story

  • PWC Storage Launching

    Martin Flory Group|Mar 1, 2024

    Many marina owners know they can generate a modest income stream through daily personal watercraft (PWC) launch fees. More are discovering the real money is in dry-stack storage. An all-electric PWC Launcher from CAPRIA S.A. is easy to add to any small, unused portion of waterfront-whether it's a steep embankment, concrete seawall or second-story structure. The opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and owner revenue is now in place. Perfect for incorporating into a new or existing... Full story

  • Stainless Steel PickProbes

    Martin Flory Group|Mar 1, 2024

    ICE IT -- Whether splitting ice or marking the exact location of a drill hole, Shipmate Stainless Steel Pick/Probes from Beckson Marine are a tool no boat owner should be without. With a low price and available gift box, they make a thoughtful present.Contact local dealers or Beckson Marine, 165 Holland Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06605. Email: orderdesk@beckson.com; Visit www.beckson.com.... Full story

  • Auto Fire Suppression

    AZBW|Feb 1, 2024

    By the time an onboard fire is noticed, too often the conflagration has grown beyond getting close enough to subdue the flames with a handheld extinguisher. With an easily installed Pre-Engineered Fire System from market leader Sea-Fire Marine, detection and suppression is automatic. With a full ten seconds of discharge time, it provides the instant critical response needed to turn a crisis into a close call. Made in the USA, Pre-Engineered Fire Systems are offered in two versions: refillable... Full story

  • Accon Marine 460 Series Pull-Up Cleats

    AZBW|Feb 1, 2024

    SIMPLE TO INSTALL - Few things are as nautical looking as a traditional cleat. But their horns detract from a sleek, modern deck and are tough to sit on. Accon Marine 460 Series Pull-Up Cleats elegantly retract flush into the deck and are simple to install. Contact local dealers or Acccon Marine: www.acconmarine.com.... Full story

  • Pump Makes Siphoning Effortless

    Martin Flory Group|Jan 1, 2024

    As northerners are winterizing their boats, southerners are well into the boating season. Both need the 109PC Siphon-Mate® Pump from Beckson Marine. The self-priming pump makes it easy to get a siphon started and simple to stop the process when the desired amount of liquid is moved-all without sucking on a dirty tube. Beckson's 109PC Siphon Pump is non-metallic, so it won't scratch surfaces and is safe to use around combustibles. Built from sturdy marine-grade plastic, it won't rust or becom... Full story

  • PacBak Cooler

    Martin Flory Group|Jan 1, 2024

    Whether after sockeye on the Columbia, teal in Louisiana or a quiet picnic near an Arizona lake, the PacBak P88-MK Cooler keeps adventures fresh. Built in Alaska, this 88 qt. cooler is unlike any other on the market. Every design aspect provides optimum functionality, including simultaneously keeping contents both hot and/or cold, an integrated cutting board, a removable table and the ability to withstand 24 hours with a 1,250-pound Alaskan Kodiak Brown Bear. The thick insulated walls of the thr... Full story

  • Round and Oval Lifting Eyes

    Martin Flory Group|Jan 1, 2024

    DANGER AND DAMAGE - Lifting a boat by its cleats or standard bow eye can damage the vessel and be downright dangerous. Accon Marine's Round and Oval Lifting Eyes were designed specifically for this purpose. They handle up to 4,000 lbs. when installed correctly. Contact local dealers or Accon Marine, 727-572-9202; Fax: 727-572-7621. www.acconmarine.com.... Full story

  • High-Torque Access Plates Shine in Tough Environments

    Martin Flory Group|Nov 1, 2023

    Clear deck plates for visual monitoring of controls or gauges mounted behind panels are popular with boaters and boatbuilders alike. But, they can be difficult to open when used in high-pressure or near-vacuum conditions-a challenge compounded when positioned in confined spaces like engine rooms. High-Torque Access Plates from Beckson Marine solve this problem. Their unique design facilitates removal when required, while maintaining surface clarity for easy viewing of protected instruments.... Full story

  • Sleek Folding Chocks

    Martin Flory Group|Nov 1, 2023

    Sleek Folding Chocks Are Easy DIY Upgrade While chocks are a welcome hardware addition to help wrangle dock lines, installing yet another protruding accessory on a boat's crowded deck can cause second-guessing. Surface Mount Folding Chocks from Accon Marine offer two benefits: they eliminate the need for large installation holes, and they lay flat when not in use. This helps to maintain a cleaner, safer deck without sacrificing convenience. Crafted from marine-grade 316 stainless steel for excep... Full story

  • SeaSucker Double Decker

    WOT|Jul 1, 2023

    Whether carousing on a sandbar or relaxing back in the slip, the new SeaSucker Double Decker Party Barge is the ultimate portable bar and the centerpiece of any party. The unique accessory mounts temporarily to any clean, non-porous surface-inside or outside the boat-and holds everything from bottles and cups to a bucket of ice. Made in the USA, the Double Decker Party Barge is built from UV-resistant polymer with stainless steel hardware. It holds two large round or square bottles, one mixer... Full story

  • ProSpec Electronics

    WOT|Jul 1, 2023

    The circular JBL PRV-275 stereo receiver from ProSpec Electronics was designed to pack a lot of power into a standard 3.5" round dashboard gauge hole. But its compact size, all-weather construction and full-color screen make it ideal to install in boats, golf cars, UTVs and entertainment islands. The JBL PRV-275 is all about playback options. Beyond AM/FM and weather band broadcasts, it streams music with ID tagging from a mobile device via Bluetooth®. Plus, with USB and aux inputs, it'll... Full story

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