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Marine Stereo Built To Overcome Harsh Weather

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RiverPark Marine's JBL-R3500 source unit was built from the ground up for harsh weather. The stereo receiver overcomes rain, spray and rinse downs, yet delivers the rich, immersive sound quality JBL source units are known for.

The JBL-R3500 is the first level in the WAKE series. Beyond AM/FM and weather band reception, it offers BT5.0 with ID streaming. BT5.0 provides greater control distance and faster data speeds compared to older generations of Bluetooth. With USB and aux ports, it accommodates the most popular device inputs.

The sound quality of the JBL-R3500 source unit is impressive. The built-in amplifier delivers 4x40 watts RMS @ 4 ohms with 4x55 peak @ 4 ohms. Two-ohm stable, it can power eight 4 ohm speakers wired in parallel without an additional amplifier yet has a set of pre-outs if one is desired. While it has the volume to be heard over a roaring outboard, the receiver delivers the acoustical finesse audiophiles look for in a stereo receiver.

Using the JBL-R3500 is intuitive. The rotary encoder accent ring and power button are illuminated and ergonomically situated. A 4" LCD monochromatic display provides the contrast needed for it to be seen in any light condition. The component can be surface mounted or installed flush although the latter is typically only seen in an OEM application. The WAKE Series JBL-R3500 from RiverPark Marine costs $269.95.

Contact local dealers or RiverPark Marine, 3325 S Morgans Point Rd., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466.;;; YouTube:


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