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Auto Fire Suppression

Auto Fire Suppression Turns Crisis Into Close Call

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By the time an onboard fire is noticed, too often the conflagration has grown beyond getting close enough to subdue the flames with a handheld extinguisher. With an easily installed Pre-Engineered Fire System from market leader Sea-Fire Marine, detection and suppression is automatic. With a full ten seconds of discharge time, it provides the instant critical response needed to turn a crisis into a close call.

Made in the USA, Pre-Engineered Fire Systems are offered in two versions: refillable NFD and non-refillable NFG series. Both are ideal for engine and generator compartments, propane storage lockers and other onboard spaces where combustible materials are stored.

A Sea-Fire NFD Pre-Engineered Fire System can be configured to protect spaces between 125 and 1,800 cu. ft. It has an activation temperature of 175°-225° F.

Engineered for smaller spaces, an NFG system is ideal for smaller spaces between 25 and 100 cu. ft. Depending on the model, activation is either between 200° and 250° F. or 175° and 225° F.

Sea-Fire NFD and NFG Series Pre-Engineered Fire Systems have a heat sensor valve that automatically releases the suppression agent. The systems can also be activated via a manual bi-directional pull cable. A safety pin arms and disarms the cable for maintenance and inspection.

Most systems can be installed vertical or horizontal for greater flexibility in tight and confined engine compartments. Both Pre-Engineered Fire Systems utilize FK-5112 Fire Suppression Fluid. Non-toxic, it has zero ozone depletion potential and an extremely low global warming potential (GWP) of one. Non-conductive and non-corrosive, it will not damage machinery or electronics during discharge. Plus, it's a nitrogen-pressurized gaseous form that leaves no oily or powdery residue behind.

Sea-Fire Pre-Engineered Fire Systems have an operating temperature range of 20° to 130° F. They come with a marine-grade mounting bracket, system status indicator light mounted in a faceplate and full instructions for a fast, trouble-free installation. Depending on the model, they weigh between 6 and 175 lbs.

There are 36 models of Sea-Fire NFD Series Pre-Engineered Fire Systems; prices start at $974. Eight models of the NFG Series start at $384.

Contact local dealers or Sea-Fire Marine, 9351-G Philadelphia Rd., Baltimore, MD 21237. 410-687-5500. http://www.sea-fire.com.


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