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 By Carol L Allen    Events   

On The Cover November 2023

She's a beauty, a true Miss America: our American flag. Over the years she has received many tributes, many salutes, and many dedicated to serving her. Sadly, she has also received threats, angry... Full story

 By Carol L Allen    Events   

Downstream Events Calendar November 2023

Comments will be accepted through Nov. 6.The Arizona Game and Fish Commission is seeking to amend the previously published Notice of Proposed Rulemaking within Articles 1, 2, 3, and 6. The intent of...  Website


High-Torque Access Plates Shine in Tough Environments

Clear deck plates for visual monitoring of controls or gauges mounted behind panels are popular with boaters and boatbuilders alike. But, they can be difficult to open when used in high-pressure or... Full story

 By WOT    RVing    November 1, 2023

Six Reasons To Explore Tempe By Bike

From Tempe Tourism Tempe is known for many things: Mill Avenue, Arizona State University and more than a few lively festivals and events. But did you know that Tempe is also widely known as a... Full story

 By AZGFD    Hunting    November 1, 2023

Quail Outlook

Winter moisture improves overall brood survival for desert quail. Arizona hunters know that timely rainfall is the key to giving quail populations a much-needed boost. After a winter of above-average... Full story

 By AZGFD    Wildlife    November 1, 2023

Sandhill Cranes Returning

Live-streaming camera offers unique viewing experience. Sandhill cranes by the thousands are once again returning to their wintering grounds at the Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area near McNeal, Ariz.,... Full story


Christmas Tree Permits

Enjoy this seasonal tradition of taking family and friends to forest areas to find and cut your own perfect Christmas tree. Christmas Tree Permits The selection and cutting of a special tree from the... Full story

 By Boat US    Boating    November 1, 2023

BoatUS Foundation's Alan Dennison Elected

BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water program supervisor Alan Dennison has been elected chairman of the National Safe Boating Council (NSBC). Created in its current form by the Federal... Full story

 By Jim Allen    Boating    November 1, 2023

Save Spring Headaches

Winterizing a boat can be a poignant chore, but a simple task done now will save a lot of headaches next spring: lubricate zippers and snaps with Snap Stick from Shurhold. Fast and easy to apply, it k... Full story


Great Gifts For Hunters

Spring draw results just came out, and a lot of hunting seasons are in full swing right now, so a gift for a hunter would be very much appreciated! Here are some ideas for gifts that will totally... Full story

 By WOOT    WOOT    November 1, 2023

I Once Was A Normal Person

This was sent to us by one of our readers. I used to think I was pretty much just a regular person, but I was born white, into a two-parent household which now, whether I like it or not, makes me... Full story

 By WOOT    WOOT    November 1, 2023

Palestine is NOT a State or Country.

1)Before the modern state of Israel there was the British mandate, Not a Palestinian state . 2) Before the British mandate there was the Ottoman Empire, Not a Palestinian state . 3) Before the... Full story


Gift Ideas For Outdoor Lovers

Gift-giving season is upon us, and I don’t know about you, but with prices the way they are this year, I’m looking for every opportunity to save a few quid here and there! So this year’s gift... Full story

 By WOOT    WOOT    November 1, 2023

What's happening to American Farmland?

I may not know exactly what they’re planning, but I know when something smells funny. Friend, my name is Dr. Mike Strain, and I am honored to serve as the Commissioner for the Louisiana Department... Full story

Go Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu Businesses Cater To Remote Workers

Lake Havasu Businesses cater to remote workers. According to the Wall Street Journal (Aug. 23, 2023), 61 percent of U.S. companies allow employees to work remotely part or all of the week, up from 51... Full story

 By AZGFD    Hunting    November 1, 2023

More Than 2,700 Permit-Tags Remain For 2024 Spring Hunts

Arizona hunters who were unsuccessful in the recent 2024 spring draw still have an opportunity to receive a hunt permit-tag for javelina or turkey. The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) has... Full story

 By Boat US    Boating    November 1, 2023

Red Towboats Go Pink Last Month

At any other time of year, the red towing response vessels of the on-water TowBoatUS towing fleet are helping recreational boaters get home after their boats have broken down or run aground. However,... Full story


Sleek Folding Chocks

Sleek Folding Chocks Are Easy DIY Upgrade While chocks are a welcome hardware addition to help wrangle dock lines, installing yet another protruding accessory on a boat's crowded deck can cause second... Full story


Stainless Push Pole Holders

Stowing long push poles on deck can be a challenge. With 710-Series Push Pole Holders from Accon Marine, it's simple for anglers to install premium hardware that not only secures the gear in the... Full story

 By AZBW    Boating    November 1, 2023

Water Spot Protection

Many boat maintenance tasks are put off due to the time and energy needed to complete them. This isn't the case with new Hydrophobic Spray & Rinse from Glidecoat. Attached to a garden hose, it's... Full story


All Of The Services Have Nicknames

All of the services have nicknames for the other services and their members. It’s all part of the well-intentioned harassment we provide each other free of charge. For example, Navy personnel are... Full story

 By AZBW    Events   

Fall Colors

The gorgeous palette of autumn colors paints Arizona's state parks. It IS possible to experience vibrant fall colors in Arizona - you just need to know where (and when) to look. Several of Arizona's... Full story

 By WOOT    WOOT    November 1, 2023

Joint Chiefs of Staff

We Salute All The United States Armed Forces Especially on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month The United States Armed Forces are the military forces of the United States. The armed... Full story

 By AZGFD    Hunting    November 1, 2023

Young Hunters Wanted

Publishers Note - We just learned from Arizona Game & Fish Department that this event has been cancelled. Register now for Jan. 5-7 event at Havasu National Wildlife Refuge. Young hunters who want to... Full story


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