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No Roof Rack?

No Roof Rack? Seasucker Will Hold It

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Many camper vans, overlanders and tow vehicles either aren't equipped with roof racks, or their design isn't conducive to adding them. That's where SeaSucker comes in. Its SEMA award-winning Ridge Ready Monkey Bars make it simple to mount a pair of sturdy crossbars to a vehicle with grooved channels, vents or A/C units on their roofs.

Made in the USA, Ridge Ready Monkey Bars use SeaSucker's innovative Vacuum Mount technology. The four front and two rear 3.25" oval mounts have a combined holding force of 990 lbs. at highway speeds.

The Vacuum Mounts are attached to 48" or 60" black powder-coated aluminum crossbars via solid marine-grade HDPE polymer and stainless steel hardware. To custom-fit the unit to the vehicle, the assemblies can be located in any position to ensure a perfect fit. The bars are industry standard 1.325"/33mm dia. to accept other brands' accessories.

Installing SeaSucker Ridge Ready Monkey Bars is simple. Placed on any non-porous surface, such as paint, fiberglass or glass panel, the integrated pump on each Vacuum Mount is pushed until the orange indicator band disappears. Mounts can hold for days; should the band reappear, a few quick presses will recharge the holding power.

SeaSucker Ridge Ready Monkey Bars come with a spare vacuum pump and maintenance lubricant. The 48" model costs $549 and the 60" version is $599; both come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Contact local dealers or SeaSucker, LLC, 1912 44th Ave. E, Bradenton, FL 34203. 941-900-1850. info@seasucker.com; www.seasucker.com


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