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As northerners are winterizing their boats, southerners are well into the boating season. Both need the 109PC Siphon-Mate® Pump from Beckson Marine. The self-priming pump makes it easy to get a siphon started and simple to stop the process when the desired amount of liquid is moved-all without sucking on a dirty tube.

Beckson's 109PC Siphon Pump is non-metallic, so it won't scratch surfaces and is safe to use around combustibles. Built from sturdy marine-grade plastic, it won't rust or become difficult to use from corrosion. It can be used to transfer many fluids that don't affect PVC, such as water, oil and diesel fuel. It's also perfect for draining bilges, livewells and holding tanks. Measuring 11-1/2" L x 1-1/4" W. It comes with an 8' clear hose that can be cut to length as needed.

The Siphon Pump is simple to use. Pumping begins the siphon flow at 4 oz. per stroke. Once the process is started, the fully extended handle maximizes the stream to 1 gal/min. To stop, the handle is depressed and the hose removed from the liquid. The Beckson Marine 109PC Siphon Pump has an MSRP of $61.75.

Contact local dealers or Beckson Marine, 165 Holland Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06605. Email: orderdesk@beckson.com; Visit http://www.beckson.com


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