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Icy Cold Was The Summer

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 By Jim Allen    Wildlife    March 1, 2020

Arizona Spay And Neuter Clinic

Publishers Note - VFW 3513 Auxiliary has officially adopted this project naming it VFW Alley Cats - Operation Paws. Our purpose is to humanely control the population and condition of the colony that...

 By Jim Allen    WOOT    December 1, 2019
Lions Light

Lions Light

This online-publication software makes publishing easy. By Jim Allen, Publisher Arizona Boating & Watersports/Western OutdoorTimes It dawned on me today while I was putting up stories on our...

 By Jim Allen    Events   

Newspapers Newsletters

It dawned on me today while I was putting up stories on our website how much simpler the process has become since we started using ROAR. ROAR is online-publication software provided by Lions Light...

 By Jim Allen    Boating    November 1, 2019

Snap Tool Multi-Key

Carrying around 19 different tools requires a lot of pockets. Or, if it's a Snap Tool Multi-Key from Davis Instruments, just one. Whether pleasure boating, sailboat racing or fishing, it's the one...

 By Jim Allen    Boating    September 1, 2019

BoatUS App's New 'Connect to Local Towing Captains'

BoatUS App's New 'Connect to Local Towing Captains' feature shortens response time. When boats break down on the water, run aground or run out of fuel, many recreational boaters use the free BoatUS...

 By Jim Allen    RVing    August 1, 2019

Polishing Your RV

Even after washing and thoroughly rinsing an RV, it's easy to have water spots left behind. Not only are they unsightly, but over time, being mineral deposits, they can actually etch and permanently...

 By Jim Allen    RVing    June 1, 2019

Moldaway Cleans The Natural Way

Keeping an RV spot-free is a constant battle, with many owners resorting to harsh, toxic chemicals and lots of elbow grease. Moldaway from Shurhold Industries is different. It's an oxygenated cleaner...

 By Jim Allen    RVing    June 1, 2019

Ground Fault Receptacle

The electrical receptacles on a RV can easily be compromised due to corrosion or the rugged conditions that exist in outdoors environments. Hubbell's new Extra Heavy-Duty Ground Fault Receptacle is...

 By Jim Allen    Events   

Day At The Docks

This is the 40th year the San Diego Sportfishing Council has sponsored its special showcase of San Diego sportfishing. We hope you'll take this opportunity to join us and discover a bit more of what...

 By Jim Allen    Events   

International Sportsmen's Expo Scottsdale

Arizona is a year-around outdoor paradise for boaters, campers, offroaders, RVers as well as anglers and hunters. The Expo offers plenty for all of those adventures -- gear, destinations, free advice...

 By Jim Allen    Events   

Publishers Note March 2019

Please Visit This Great Web Page: “Arizona Rivers And Streams“ Publishers Note March 2019 - "Arizona Rivers And Streams"Why? Answer: Whether you are a native of Arizona or a newcomer, I’ll bet...

 By Jim Allen    WOOT    February 1, 2019

Is This For Real - Citizenship Question On Census

Publisher's Note - We have a lot of information coming across our desks. Occasionally we decide to print some of it so our readers can determine its veracity. The MAJORITY of Americans don't realize...

 By Carol L Allen    Events   

On The Cover - The Voyage Continues

In September 2005, our Publisher Jim Allen and Editor Carol Allen delivered the first copies of issue number one of Arizona Boating & Watersports. Jim drove the papers - in an old 1973 Dodge...

 By Jim Allen    Events   

U. S. Congressman Paul Gosar Tours Lake Pleasant

I had the privilege this past week of touring Lake Pleasant in the company of Congressman Paul Gosar. Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S., is serving his fourth term in Congress as the Representative from...

 By Jim Allen    Wildlife    August 1, 2018

Dr. Yolanda Rodriguez - Horsewoman And Naturopathic Physician

Publishers Note - I have been fortunate to have been a patient of Dr. Rodriguez for the past nine years. It has been a very rewarding experience. She has a way of getting her patients to understand...

 By Jim Allen    Events   

Matt Papas - Keller Williams Realty

Publishers Note - I have had the pleasure of working with Matt Papas for the past ten years while he was in business development. I could not have found a more competent individual to work with. He...

 By Jim Allen    RVing    July 1, 2018

GOOD OLD RV's Rustic Retreat

GOOD OLD RV's Rustic Retreat. If you like Old RV's and haven't visited Good Old RV's yet you are in for a pleasant surprise. This is only one of their great events and opportunities. Event Details...

 By Jim Allen    Boating    April 1, 2018

Golden Boat Lifts

Golden Boat Lifts' 3K Single Track Lift is the ultimate in adaptability when space is at a premium. It boasts a small footprint when installed on a seawall and even mounts securely onto a single...

 By Jim Allen    Boating    April 1, 2018


Unlike their larger brothers, small boats typically aren't launched from a trailer. Owners tend to wrestle them to water's edge, often damaging hulls and backs in the process. With Davis Instruments'...

 By Jim Allen    Boating    March 1, 2018
Lake Havasu Marine Association

Slide Anchor Joins Fight To Prevent Spread Of Aquatic Invasive Species

The effort to prevent the spread of quagga mussels throughout fresh water lakes and rivers in the western United States has been ongoing since 2007 when the harmful mollusks were initially discovered...

 By Jim Allen    RVing    March 1, 2018
Arizona Boating & Watersports

Good Old RV's CEO Retiring

Publishers Note - If you like vintage RV's and haven't seen this website you are missing out on a wealth of good information. As you can see from the pictures Carol and I are definitely into the...

 By Jim Allen    Events   


I recently saw a report on one of the local Arizona news channels on plogging. The report showed a group of people exercising and getting ready to do some trash cleanup along the Salt River....

 By Jim Allen    Wildlife    March 1, 2018

Hybrid Calico Macaw

Ziggy is a handsome Hybrid Calico Macaw (Greenwing x Military Macaw) who is missing the toes on both feet as well as the portions of his wings where his flight feathers would grow. Most likely he was...

 By Jim Allen    Events   

Arizona - Rim Country Regional Chamber Of Commerce

It is with regret that I inform you of Laura and Bill Walsh's resignation from the Rim Country Chamber of Commerce, effective April 30th 2018. This means that they, and the Chamber Board of Directors...

 By Carol L Allen    Events   

Happy New Year

Jim and Carol L. Allen, Publisher and Editor Carol and I wish you all a great new year. Angela Ogden, Production Manager Arizona Boating & Watersports News Magazine / Western Outdoor Times would like...


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