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By Jim Allen

We The People

The First Three Words In The Constitution Are The Most Powerful


October 1, 2023

You The People Are - The Wind Beneath My Wings. You - the people, the citizens, the patriots, the Americans - all are the wind beneath our country's wings. With your loyalty and support, our eagle flies free, unencumbered by a divided citizenry, destructive politics, and weak leadership. It is up to you: Be a strong wind beneath our country's eagle or let it falter and fall. This next month on Veterans' Day, we salute those who did not let the eagle fall: our veterans. - Carol L. Allen

Note - You can tell by the reference to Biden being in office for two years that I wrote this some time ago. However, can't you see how much worse things have gotten in that short time with the Biden Regime in power? Contributing our energy, money and time is our contribution to the Victory Garden effort of World War II. World War II - A time when the whole nation came together to fight our enemies.

It is that time now. If you believe strongly in our Constitution (as it was written by brilliant men) and The Rule of Law it is your time now to come together and fight our enemies. You have a voice, use it to tell anyone and everyone how strongly you feel about your country.

I doubt that we can change the minds of those who oppose our country. However, I also believe that there are far more people who believe in the Constitution and The Rule of Law than those who do not. We just need to get them to stand up and be counted.

The first three words in the Constitution are the most powerful: We the People. They declare that the Constitution derives its power not from a king or a Congress, but from the people themselves. This concept of popular sovereignty-power to the people-is the foundation upon which the entire Constitution depends.

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The current regime in The United States of America has, in two years, taken us from being a world power with a thriving economy to a laughing stock throughout the world with a rapidly failing economy. We have seen a strong healthy population decimated physically and morally. They have taken us to a third-world status.

The current business climate with the inflation/recession expectations is not encouraging in the near future. This from a veteran business broker.

Is this what you (We The People) want?

We, as a nation, have gone from being strong independent individuals to a group that is too weak to look after ourselves and are willing to rely on government handouts to survive. This is in part due to the decimation of our middle class and our small businesses. This process has been purposely going on for years but the process has been placed on fast forward by the current regime the past two years.

Our educational system on all levels is a mess and has primarily been used for decades as a propaganda machine to teach our young that our country is no good and that socialism is the way our country should go.

This is no longer about politics or having different political ideas. It is about open warfare. Democrats are no longer democrats. The party has been taken over by outside influences and their aim is not to make a better United States but to destroy the United States. None of this is for the good of "We The People". The purpose of the whole battle is to destroy "We The People" and make us completely subservient to the government. Once this power has been obtained things will only get worse for "We The People".


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JimAllen writes:

Judge imposes narrow gag order on Trump in his federal election interference case. It is that time now.


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