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  • On The Cover May 2024

    Carol L Allen, Editor - Western Outdoor Times

    We never tire of reminding boaters to wear their life jackets, ideally the entire time they are out on the water. PFDs are no longer bulky, unattractive, and ill-fitting. Now they are comfortable, come in many styles, even colors, and some of the kid's jackets are nothing short of "cute and fun to wear". If you are new to life-jacket shopping, check with the Coast Guard or its Auxiliary, Arizona Game & Fish Department, and the National Safe Boating Council. Another good resource are the members... Full story

  • Waste Not

    Boat US|May 1, 2024

    BoatUS Foundation offers required trash, oil, waste placard decals for just $5 each. Every new boat comes adorned with a plethora of warning labels for just about everything from obvious hazards to what a tow pylon should be used for. Did you know there are labels that can help remind you and your guests to keep our waters clean and ensure you are on the right side of the law? Boats new or old and 26 feet or greater must have written trash overboard and oil discharge placards "prominently posted... Full story

  • Carol L Allen

    May-July 7 There Is A Bonus To Buying Raffle Tickets Early Conservation First USA is not only offering $10 raffle tickets for a chance to hunt big game, but the group also is entering you into monthly drawings to win BONUS PRIZES. Yes, you read that right! Do not miss this opportunity. Visit the website to buy your raffle tickets and learn more about the monthly bonus prize drawings. Raffle Details - Seven lucky individuals will win one of seven special big-game tags (bighorn sheep, elk, mule...  Website

  • 62 To Hillside

    Margie Anderson, Outdoor Editor|May 1, 2024

    John and I love Arizona because you can cruise the deserts in winter and the mountains in summer. That's why we decided to visit the ruins of Swansea, an old mining town in February. It never occurred to me that I would need to check for any major events on Swansea Road, so off we went, taking 60 through Wickenburg, Aguila, Vicksburg, and Bouse. Bouse We planned to fill the Jeep in Bouse then head north on Swansea Road to the remains of the town. I was stoked because the map showed a natural arc... Full story

  • Cranks With Kevin Finley

    Margie Anderson, Outdoor Editor|May 1, 2024

    At the U.S. Open about several years ago, Arizona Nitro pro Kevin Finley found a Storm Arashi crankbait in the goodie bag he received at tournament HQ. Later, he went fishing at Lake Pleasant with a buddy, Taj White, and told him, "you tie on whatever you think I should throw – I've got a tournament coming at Pleasant." Taj absolutely smashed them with the Arashi. That's how he found out about the Arashi, and now he says it's the best crankbait he's ever used. Never Lost One Finley says he's n... Full story

  • Be Bear Aware

    AZGFD|May 1, 2024

    AZGFD offers essential tips for avoiding conflicts. With Arizona's hottest months right around the corner, how black bears forage for typical food sources will become more challenging. As a result, the chances of them wandering into populated areas in search of an easier meal will be on the rise. While bears are typically shy and tend to avoid humans, their excellent sense of smell can be problematic for both the animals and humans. Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) officials advise... Full story

  • National Safe Boating Week

    AZBW|May 1, 2024

    National Safe Boating Week will be held from May 18-24, 2024, reminding all boaters to brush up on boating safety skills and prepare for the boating season. This observance week is the annual kick-off of the Safe Boating Campaign, a global awareness effort that encourages boaters to make the most of their boating adventure by being responsible. “We’re committed to teaching boaters that the best boating experience is a safe day on the water,” said Peg Phillips, executive director of the Natio... Full story

  • Wear Your Life Jacket

    AZBW|May 1, 2024

    Whether you're working in the office, at home, in the air, or on the water, all boating enthusiasts can participate in Wear Your Life Jacket at Work Day on Friday, May 17, 2024. This fun day is part of the Safe Boating Campaign, a global awareness effort that encourages boaters to make the most of their boating adventure by being responsible. "Wear Your Life Jacket at Work Day is a great opportunity to share with others your love for boating," said Yvonne Pentz, communications director of the... Full story

  • TowBoatUS Covers Remote River

    Boat US|May 1, 2024

    TowBoatUS Fisher's Landing, AZ, helps boaters and anglers get home after running aground. YUMA, Ariz., – It's a shallow, sandy-bottomed, blue ribbon of Colorado River that stretches 44 miles across the low desert of the remote Arizona southwest. Now, recreational boaters and anglers navigating here from the Interstate 10 bridge down steam to the Imperial Dam have professional, 24/7 on-water towing and assistance available with the opening of TowBoatUS Fisher's Landing, Arizona. The company, loca... Full story

  • AZGFD Launches Web Page For Tournament Anglers

    AZGFD|May 1, 2024

    Tournament angling for all species in Arizona has grown tremendously recently. Many people don't realize that the Arizona Game and Fish Department does not issue permits for fishing tournaments. Fishing tournaments are permitted by the land management agency where the tournament is being held. The department is, however, very interested in - • Building relationships with tournament organizations, promoters and anglers. • Working with permitting agencies like the national forests, Arizona Sta... Full story

  • Grand Canyon Trails And Campground Re-Open

    GCNP|May 1, 2024

    GRAND CANYON, Ariz. –The National Park Service is announcing Havasupai Gardens Campground and the Bright Angel and Tonto Trails have re-opened for public use. The areas were closed Dec. 1, 2023, for Transcanyon Waterline project construction activities. Plateau Point Trail, from Havasupai Gardens to Plateau Point remains closed until June 20, 2024. During this time, Tonto Trail hikers will be able to use a trail detour to connect to and from the Bright Angel Trail. The water-filling station w... Full story

  • Lest We Forget

    Carol L Allen, Editor

    Memorial Day (originally known as Decoration Day is a federal holiday in the United States for honoring and mourning the U.S. military personnel who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. From 1868 to 1970, it was observed on May 30. Since 1971, it is observed on the last Monday of May. Many people visit cemeteries and memorials on Memorial Day to honor and mourn those who died while serving in the U.S. military. Many volunteers place American flags on the graves of military... Full story

  • Arizona's Other Bighorn Sheep

    AZGFD|May 1, 2024

    Desert bighorn sheep are stunning - but what about Arizona's other bighorns? Eastern and central Arizona are home to Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, the stocky cousins of the desert dwellers. AZGFD sought to reestablish the subspecies in 1979 and transplanted eight Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep from Colorado to the upper Blue River area of eastern Arizona. Over the last 45 years, with the help of additional translocations, the population and the animals' distribution have expanded to include... Full story

  • Fishing Tips By Chase Newlon

    Chase Newlon, AZGFD R3 Coordinator|May 1, 2024

    Fishing Tips By Chase Newlon, AZGFD R3 Coordinator The temperatures are on the rise! With that, bass and bluegill have been stocked throughout all the Community Fishing Waters. Try your luck at one of the 50+ of these waters, many of which are found within the Phoenix Metro area. Find one that is close to you here: www.azgfd.gov/community. When switching from targeting trout to fishing for largemouth bass, you will need to upsize most of your gear. A 7-foot medium power rod is a good starting... Full story

  • Container Wrench

    Martin Flory Group|May 1, 2024

    Large fluid drums can sometimes prove challenging to open, especially the first time when breaching the original factory seal. The Wrench-70 container wrench from Beckson Marine makes fast work of 70mm and 3/4" slotted plugs, enabling users to get on with the job of transferring liquids to smaller containers. Crafted from fiberglass-filled nylon for light weight and exceptional strength, the Wrench-70 provides needed added leverage to help open fluid drum caps. Its ergonomic design is easy to... Full story

  • E-Z Snap

    May 1, 2024

    Dirt, grime and salt spray can play havoc with zippers and snaps. People even buy special tools to open and close them, occasionally damaging the surrounding fabric in the process. With Iosso E-Z Snap Zipper & Snap Lubricant, a few minutes of simple maintenance early can alleviate hours of frustration later. Made in the USA, E-Z Snap is a unique gel-like formula that protects and lubricates plastic and metal zippers, snaps, hinges and other hardware. The formula won't dissolve with water,... Full story

  • Seasucker Partners With Charities

    May 1, 2024

    Since its founding, SeaSucker has been an active member of its community and embraced its philanthropic work. Its new Giveback Color Collection of vacuum-mounted boat accessories vibrantly highlights the work of the Coastal Conservation Association of Florida, Heroes on the Water and the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. SeaSucker donates a share of the proceeds of each item sold to the respective worthy cause. The branded products are the Large Recycle Waste Band, Flex-X Phone Mount, 2-Cup... Full story

  • Bella Boo And Mr. Goldwater

    Jim Allen|May 1, 2024

    We published the below in April of 2020 https://www.azbw.com/vfw-cat-rescue/ Number Nine – Bella Boo is looking for a home. April 15, 2020 – She found her forever home today. Not the one we had hoped for her. Life is hard on the streets. Attack, accident, fight or automobile? We don't know. Her doctor said her injuries were too extensive and the chance of recovery was not good. Bella was a special kitty. This picture was taken shortly after her surgery. The real Bella is a very vibrant and lov... Full story