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 By AZGFD    Fishing    October 1, 2023 

Apache Trout De-Listedl

Talk about a huge win for fish and wildlife conservation. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently proposed that the Apache trout - Arizona's state fish - be removed from the federal list of Endang... Full story


Recreational Fishing and Boating Community

Recreational Fishing and Boating Community Opposes Vessel Speed Restrictions In The Gulf of Mexico, Calls for Collaboration in Conserving Rice's Whales The leading organizations representing... Full story

 By BLM    Wildlife    July 1, 2023

BLM Initiates Environmental Analysis Of The Vulcan Solar Energy Project

PHOENIX — The Bureau of Land Management is announcing the beginning of a 30-day public scoping period to inform the environmental analysis of the proposed Vulcan Solar Project, which would produce... Full story

 By AZGFD    Wildlife    April 1, 2021

Mexican Wolves

The wild population of Mexican wolves in the United States saw its fifth consecutive year of growth in 2020. According to the recent count, the U.S. population of Mexican wolves has increased by 14%... Full story

 By AZGFD    Hunting    October 1, 2020

Non-Lead Ammo

Hunters asked to continue voluntary lead-reduction efforts this fall. Arizona hunters have proven their long-held commitment to wildlife conservation by voluntarily working to reduce the amount of lea... Full story

 By WDFW    Fishing    May 1, 2020

Snake River To Open

OLYMPIA – Anglers on the Snake River will be able to fish for spring Chinook salmon when fishing begins to reopen in Washington on May 5, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW)... Full story

 By AZGFD    Wildlife    November 1, 2019

Bald Eagle Breeding

A record number of bald eagle breeding areas couldn't guarantee another shattered record of eagle nestlings, which dipped to 71 during the 2019 breeding season from 87 hatched in 2018. During the... Full story

 By John Anderson    Hunting    July 1, 2019

Gun Talk

There isn't much hunting going on this month, and it's a bit warm to go out shooting (unless you pay for an indoor range), but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be training. This is a great time for... Full story


Think This Can't Happen?

This article was written in June of 2016. The annual hunting season, long declared to be barbaric by the social media watchdogs, was officially cancelled today by the Arizona Species Specialists, a... Full story

 By AZGFD    Wildlife    January 1, 2018

Endangered Gila Topminnow Returns To Santa Cruz River Near Tucson

After an absence of more than 70 years, the endangered Gila topminnow has reappeared in the Santa Cruz River in northwest Tucson, fish surveys conducted in November confirm. Scientists were hopeful... Full story

 By AZGFD    Wildlife    October 1, 2017

AZGFD Submits Comments On Federal Draft Mexican Wolf Recovery Plan

The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) has submitted its official comments on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's (FWS) draft Mexican wolf recovery plan which, when finalized, will outline a... Full story

 By AZGFD    Wildlife    October 1, 2017

Arizona's Bald Eagles Expand Breeding Sites In 2017

Arizona's bald eagle population continues to soar as the number of breeding areas expanded statewide and a record 82 young hatched during the 2017 breeding season, according to an annual Arizona Game... Full story

 By WDFW    Wildlife    February 1, 2017

WDFW seeks comments on draft status report for yellow-billed cuckoos

Publishers Note - We are hearing from our readers that many times these attempts to include species on the endangered list are driven by other than just concerns for the species. We welcome your... Full story

 By WOT    Wildlife    January 1, 2017

Relict Leopard Frogs Not In Need Of Federal Protection

A frog species in Arizona and southern Nevada does not need federal protection under the Endangered Species Act, thanks to the multi-partner conservation efforts of the Arizona Game and Fish Departmen... Full story


Recreational Fishing Organizations Respond to Pacific Bluefin Tuna Petition

Alexandria, VA – December 13, 2016 – Several regional and national recreational fishing organizations submitted official comments to NOAA Fisheries opposing listing Pacific bluefin tuna as... Full story

 By AZBW    Wildlife    October 1, 2016

Arizona's Bald Eagles Break Breeding-Season Records Again

Arizona's bald eagles continue to impress biologists with their upward growth trends and year-after-year breeding records. Key productivity records that were broken in 2016 include number of:...

 By John Koleszar    RVing    October 1, 2016

OP/ED 1994: 'The Perfect Storm'

Contact Koleszar at elkhabitat@gmail.com to share your thoughts on this subject. For the past 20 years now, the conservation groups have been screaming about the land grabs and Endangered Species Act... Full story

 By AZBW    Fishing    October 1, 2016

Fisheries Experts Reclassify Three Native Fish Species As One

A professional committee of fisheries scientists has determined that three species of chub found throughout the lower Colorado River basin - roundtail chub, headwater chub, and Gila chub - will now... Full story

Wild Burrow

Wake Zone Op/Ed

As the sweltering heat oppresses most of us in the Valley of the Sun, news items have come across my desk that bear repeating. I will not champion any particular item, but merely report (sometimes... Full story

 By AZGFD    Fishing    June 1, 2016

AZGFD - Trout Challenge

Arizona's Trout Challenge Program was developed to encourage anglers to learn more about fishing opportunities in the state. Arizona Game and Fish Department manages many waters statewide to provide...

 By AZGFD    Wildlife    June 1, 2016

Phoenix's Newest Residents

Peregrine Chick Weak Legs Required Splints At press time, we at AZBW/WOT are hoping for a good outcome. After more than 30 days of anticipation by viewers around the world, the first of downtown Phoen...

 By John Koleszar    Hunting    June 1, 2016

Wake Zone, Op-Ed - May 22, 2036 Watch What The Future Holds:

'This is the end'... Jim Morrison, 1967 The annual hunting season, long declared to be barbaric by the social media watchdogs, was officially cancelled today by the Arizona Species Specialists, a... Full story

 By WDFW    Fishing    June 1, 2016

Puget Sound-Area Waters Reopen For Fishing

OLYMPIA – Puget Sound-area fisheries that closed during an impasse in salmon-season negotiations will reopen immediately, state fish managers announced today. Regulations for fisheries in Puget... Full story

 By WDFW    Fishing    May 1, 2016

Icicle River 0pens For Hatchery Chinook Fishing

Action: Opens Icicle River for hatchery chinook salmon. Effective dates: May 16, 2016, until further notice. Species affected: Hatchery spring chinook salmon. Locations: Icicle River (Chelan County).... Full story

 By WDFW    Fishing    May 1, 2016

Anglers Will Get 3 More Days To Catch Spring Chinook Below And Above Bonneville Dam

OLYMPIA – The sportfishing season for spring chinook salmon on the Columbia River will reopen for three days beginning later this week under an agreement reached yesterday by fishery managers from... Full story


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