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  • On The Cover October 2022

    Carol L Allen

    There's no doubt about it: These times are stressful in so many ways, including financially, politically, and emotionally - to name only three. This is one of the reasons we are featuring fishing this issue. When times are tough, tight lines are just plain good medicine. Are you worried - as many of us are - about the ballot box? Of course you are, but for just a little while, we suggest you change that ballot box focus onto to your tackle box instead. Even for a day, you may be able to breathe... Full story

  • Obituary Printed In The London Times

    WOOT|Oct 1, 2022

    Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as: - Knowing when to come in out of the rain; - Why the early bird gets the worm; - Life isn't always fair; - And maybe it was my fault. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can... Full story

  • Bringing Back The '60's

    Tom Cole|Oct 1, 2022

    Since the 1960's, which I must admit I was there, the liberals (read that as today's Progressives) have been trying to bring back the 1960's. You, know,the fun times of the riots, the fires, the murders, the lawlessness, the racial inequality, and hatred that came with it just so that they could maintain political power. Yup, Good old liberal times and good old socialism. Well Congrats Progressives!!! Success! In the past there has been Fascist Socialism (Italy), National Socialism (Nazis),... Full story

  • Downstream Events Calendar October 2022

    Carol L Allen

    Downstream is a list of upcoming events in Arizona. An opportunity for you and your family t plan ahead to enjoy the best that Arizona has to offer. October 11 Deadline For Applications The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) is accepting applications for 2023 hunt permit-tags issued through the draw process for spring turkey, javelina, bison and raptor capture. To apply, visit www.azgfd.gov and click on "Apply for a Draw." For an overview of the application service, including license requi...  Website

  • Boat-Buyer's Toolbox

    Boat US|Oct 1, 2022

    The Boat-Buyer's Toolbox When it's time to buy a boat, you'll need all the tools available to score a great deal. By Charles Fort Wonder just how popular boating is? In the United States, one in three American adults participates in boating every year. That translates to a lot of boats, and a lot of people buying boats. In fact, 1.5 million of us buy a new or used boat every year. Whether you're a first-timer or an old salt, there are things you can do to ensure that your next purchase goes off... Full story

  • AZ Lakes AZ Pros Matt Shura At Canyon Lake

    Margie Anderson|Oct 1, 2022

    A crankbait can easily evolve into one of your favorite go-to techniques any time of year. Crankbaits = 'Idiot Baits'? Crankbaits are sometimes called "idiot baits" because people have the idea that there is nothing to them but casting and winding. True, you can catch fish on a plug even if that is all you do, but if you take the time to figure out just which bait and retrieve to use a crankbait can easily evolve into one of your favorite go-to techniques any time of year. Wobble, Wobble... Full story

  • Northland Fishing Tackle

    Traditions Media|Oct 1, 2022

    BEMIDJI, Minn. (October 6, 2022) – Mention the words Dakotas and ice fishing and you'll get a lot of head nods and smiles. Fact is, both North and South Dakota offer some of very best ice fishing opportunities in the entire Ice Belt. We talked with esteemed Northland Fishing Tackle Pro Staff Cody Roswick to get the skinny on the where and how of making the most of a trip to the prairie states. Valley City, North Dakota-based fishing guide Cody Roswick has been in the fishing industry for d... Full story

  • Hiking In Arizona's Playground

    AZBW|Oct 1, 2022

    From late fall through early spring, hikers at all levels enjoy hiking the vast network of scenic hiking trails in the Lake Havasu City area. "The biggest mistake that visitors to Lake Havasu City make is packing swimming trunks and fishing poles but leaving the hiking boots at home."~Roger Naylor, travel writer for The Arizona Republic, avid Arizona hiker and member of the Arizona Tourism Hall of Fame. Learn More Lake Havasu City's hiking trails feature a wide range of terrain, natural... Full story

  • U. S. Flag Retirement Ceremony


    From left, Scouts Brian Giorlando, Thomas Giorlando, and VFW Post 3513 Auxiliary member retrieve 242 used flags to be retired honorably on Veterans' Day. The public is welcome to attend this meaningful ceremony; email Eagle Scout Thomas for details: giorlandothomas@gmail.com.... Full story

  • Arizona Game Fish Commission Awards


    Recipients Of This Year's Commission Awards The Arizona Game and Fish Commission announced 14 recipients of the 2022 Commission Awards at its early September meeting in Pinetop, Ariz. The awards recognize Arizonans who have contributed significantly to the conservation of the state's wildlife, its outdoor heritage, and the mission of the Arizona Game and Fish Department. This Year's Recipients Are - • Award of Excellence – Brian McIntyre, Cochise County Attorney's Office • Youth Conse... Full story

  • VFW 3513

    Marine Corps Birthday Celebration

    Tom Cole Marine Retired, Special Features Writer

    Publishers Note - With all that is going on in our world today I wanted to highlight one of the good things. We are looking forward to the next one. Now that he was tasting the freedom that American's took for granted, .... Independence by Dana Fuller Ross These marines never took that freedom for granted. Welcome home. Thank you for your service. You Are Invited To The Ball That Honors 247 Years The 'Corps – soldiers of the sea, green amphibious monsters who will attack from the foam of the o... Full story

  • Carol L Allen|Oct 1, 2022

    Bass Junkyz is not just a bass fishing tournament event, it is a community of anglers coming together for a sport they love. We invite family and friends to attend every event. Our weigh-in system is state of the art and our process is streamlined to increase the survival rate of bass. Food is provided after every weigh in and checks are handed out in a timely manner. Following are some of the scheduled tournaments coming up in 2022-2023:...  Website

  • Grand Canyon Bison Relocated

    GCNP|Oct 1, 2022

    Last month, Grand Canyon wildlife managers successfully relocated 58 bison from the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. All bison were transferred to the Intertribal Buffalo Council, who transported the animals to the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma and the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of South Dakota.   Efforts Began In 2018   Since reduction efforts began in 2018, park staff have removed 203 bison from the North Rim with 182 transferred to eight different American Indian tribes through an agreement... Full story

  • October Hunting Calendar for Arizona

    AZGFD|Oct 1, 2022

    Make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to hunt! Keep an eye on the Arizona Game and Fish website at azgfd.gov so you know when the latest regulation booklets are available. Applications are online only starting in January 2022. Don’t miss out! The 2022-2023 Arizona Hunting Regulations were posted online in early May at www.azgfd.com/Hunting/Regulations/. Draw deadlines for spring javelina, spring bear, spring turkey, and spring bison will be the second Tuesday in October pending commission app... Full story

  • Gear Up For Hunting Season

    John Anderson|Oct 1, 2022

    I hope you got drawn for something this year, but even if you didn't there are plenty of opportunities to get out in the field this fall. Margie and I didn't get a tag, but we plan to spend some time out at Desert Creek Sportsman's Club shooting pheasants and chukar, plus we'll be out hunting for quail and grouse with Mochi. Not to mention waterfowl and snipe seasons just around the corner! There are also some big-game hunts that don't require a tag. Check the October Hunt Calendar or the... Full story

  • AZBW|Oct 1, 2022

    There are many lakes and rivers where westerners can beat the heat and enjoy a variety of water sports, such as windsurfing, tubing, fishing, and boating. Here is a guide to some of the hottest spots to cool down in Arizona. Lake Powell Located near Page and formed by Glen Canyon Dam, Lake Powell is 186 miles long with .......  Website

  • Combination Mooring Cleats

    AZBW|Oct 1, 2022

    SAVES SPACE, TIME -- With cleats, rod holders, flag holders, navigation lights, fuel fills, bait wells, step pads and myriad other equipment vying for space at the back end of a boat, it can be a pretty crowded place. Combination mooring cleats with integrated rod holders from Accon Marine reduce clutter on the gunwales. And by turning two separate installations into one, they save time-whether on the production line or in the driveway. Contact local dealers or Accon Marine. Please scroll to... Full story


    Oct 1, 2022

    PFD FOR PADDLERS -- Traditional lifejackets-even those specifically designed for use with canoes, kayaks and SUPs-are bulky and restrict torso, shoulder and arm movement while paddling. A freer alternative is the Bombora Adventurer. Worn around the waist, the US Coast Guard-approved Type III inflatable PFD provides all-day comfort, unlimited upper-body motion and life-saving flotation when needed. Contact local dealerts or Bombora. Please scroll to the bottom of any article and leave us your... Full story

  • Boating Safety Tips

    Boat US|Oct 1, 2022

    Fall boating season has arrived, and with it come different types of risks that cold water and air temperatures bring. Here are three boating safety tips from the BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water just right for leaf peeping season. 1. A float plan is needed: A float plan is as simple as telling a responsible person where you will be going and when you’ll be back. With fewer other boats on the water (potential Good samaritans) after Labor Day, a float plan ensures rescuers wil... Full story

  • Telescopic Shade

    AZBW|Oct 1, 2022

    The versatile new Telescopic Shade 2500 from Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America, Inc., market leader in marine roofing solutions, is an industry-changing accessory to provide boaters relief from the sun, whether they're relaxing in the bay or running out to the reef. Its patent-pending design focuses on easy installation on a T-top, arch or other overhead structure, where the electric-powered sunshade retracts discretely to be barely visible. Ideal as a standard or optional OEM upgrade, the... Full story

  • Boating And Water Safety

    Ed Huntsman|Oct 1, 2022

    Fisherman is missing; was he wearing a life jacket? Why is safety such a hard sell? Why should water and boating safety officials across the country even have to try? Its always interesting that those most interested in the topic are rarely, if ever, those that would most benefit from learning about it and adopting the culture. As I sit here writing this article, I just finished reading a Coast Guard notification regarding a 65-year-old fisherman who went missing in Texas a few nights back.... Full story

  • Used Boat? Don't Forget To Check The Trailer

    Margie Anderson|Oct 1, 2022

    Buying a used boat is a great way to get into boating, and there are a lot of good bargains out there. When you check out a boat before buying, don't forget to examine the trailer. First, check to see if the trailer is NMMA-certified. That will mean that it meets industry guidelines for safety and quality. Then check the weight limit that the trailer can handle and make sure that the total weight of the boat, motor, and the gear you're putting in there doesn't exceed that number. Check the... Full story

  • Gone Fishing

    AZGFD|Oct 1, 2022

    There are so many opportunities to enjoy angling in Arizona. Here are a few to add to your tackle box. Editor's Note: Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Arizona; both tournaments and fun family angling events are available almost every month of the year. There is not room here to even begin to cover them all, but here are a few sites to check for upcoming events. Arizona Game & Fish Department Volunteer The Arizona Game and Fish Department is seeking volunteers to help buil... Full story

  • AZGFD Asks Hunters To Report Harvest Anomalies

    AZGFD|Oct 1, 2022

    Nature isn't perfect. If a hunter spends enough time in the field, there's a chance he or she, at some point, might harvest an animal that appears to be sick or deformed, or looks suspect during the field-dressing process. While oddities are few and far between, and rarely present any cause for concern - especially when it comes to turning that harvest into delicious table fare - hunters are being encouraged to let a wildlife health specialist at the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD)... Full story

  • AZGFD October Hunting Calendar

    AZGFD|Oct 1, 2022

    Make sure you don't miss an opportunity to hunt! Keep an eye on the Arizona Game and Fish website at azgfd.gov so you know when the latest regulation booklets are available. Applications are online only starting in January 2022. Don't miss out! The 2022-2023 Arizona Hunting Regulations were posted online in early May at www.azgfd.com/Hunting/Regulations/. Draw deadlines for spring javelina, spring bear, spring turkey, and spring bison will be the second Tuesday in October pending commission... Full story