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Bringing Back The '60's

Libs Proudly Bringing Back The '60's

Series: Veterans In The News | Story 39

Since the 1960's, which I must admit I was there, the liberals (read that as today's Progressives) have been trying to bring back the 1960's. You, know,the fun times of the riots, the fires, the murders, the lawlessness, the racial inequality, and hatred that came with it just so that they could maintain political power. Yup, Good old liberal times and good old socialism.

Well Congrats Progressives!!! Success!

In the past there has been Fascist Socialism (Italy), National Socialism (Nazis), Communist Socialism (USSR),. . . but now we have Bernie, AOC and the "squad" pushing Democratic Socialism.


The ANTIFA brats say they are not the fascists. Um, try that on me again and BS! Antifa are the "Brown Shirts" of old! Any sane person who has read history, studied history or even has a passing understanding of history will be able to see what is going on here. Look to the South American countries who have embraced socialism: Venezuela, Guatemala, Argentina and others who have fallen into the pits of cartel control, corruption and brutal government control. Prison for all, freedom for the ELITE.

And look where Russia is going today, YET AGAIN . . .Back to the USSR! Take a hard look at Mexico. Hm.I have a friend who is currently in a South American country and he tells me no one can go out at night without the fear of death or kidnapping. Lovely!

Now I'm not saying I'm for the "Hard Crops Right" either, but damn people there's got to be a middle ground somewhere.

Many of the "blue states" are seeing record numbers of people FLEEING their borders to escape the over the top crime rates, the filth/trash in the streets, the rats, the piles of hundreds of discarded drug needles, illegal immigrants and the hordes of homeless, desperate people who crowd their sidewalks, alleys and doorways. Businesses cannot do business due to the crush of filth and homeless people in the streets.

What the current administration advocates in so many ways is wrong; let the criminals go without bail, let people steal at their leisure without punishment, do drugs anywhere and armed robberies outside the front doors of high-end hotels. High Inflation, astronomic gas prices and unchecked crime are not the way to go. This all leads to more crime, more suffering, more child abuse and more slavery in the system. Ugly stuff.

I will finish by saying that if you came here from outside of Arizona, you are more than welcome. But . . . Leave your liberal politics where you came from. We really don't need those attitudes or the problems they created here in Arizona.

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Tom Cole, Special Feature Writer

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Tom Cole was born on Chicago’s west side, graduated from high school in California, and is a retired USMC Master Sergeant (’69-’92). Cole served over twenty years in corporate America management, two years on the Kabul Embassy Security Forces in Afghanistan, has an Associate Degree in computer science, a Bachelor of Science, and an MBA. He has traveled around the world on ships and planes, and is a Golden Dragon, Shellback and Imperial Turtle. Cole is a Vietnam veteran, and was involved in an Iran rescue attempt and a Philippine coup attempt. Cole retired in 1992 after Desert Storm. We know him as a loyal husband, dad of five and grandpa of six. In his own words, Cole describes himself as "a great BSer with a crazy sense of humor.


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