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Go Fish!


October 1, 2022


Tournaments Are Time -- For Some Great Fish Tales!

There's no doubt about it: These times are stressful in so many ways, including financially, politically, and emotionally - to name only three. This is one of the reasons we are featuring fishing this issue. When times are tough, tight lines are just plain good medicine. Are you worried - as many of us are - about the ballot box? Of course you are, but for just a little while, we suggest you change that ballot box focus onto to your tackle box instead. Even for a day, you may be able to breathe in a little refreshment.

We've mentioned a few events that are upcoming in the Southwest, evidence that the good folks at Bass Junkyz, at FishAZ of Arizona Game & Fish, Let's Talk Fishin', and WON bass understand the need to cast a line and invite you to review the upcoming schedules included in this issue.

We regret that we could not include everything, but hope you will keep us posted re: any other events you would like to see us feature. Please feel to share your Fish Tales with us.

And, another positive note (when we badly need every one of them) is the honoring by the Arizona Game& Fish Commission of individuals and organizations that have contributed so much to the conservation of our precious outdoors. We congratulate each and every one of them.

Bottom line: We hope you will find some quality time to just GoFish!


DOWNSTREAM - Let's do October +. Page 2

BOATING - Anglers also need to wear a pfd. Page 4

TACKLE AND TARGET - John Anderson gets geared up for hunting. Page 8

LAND CRUISING - Havasu area has hidden, quiet coves. Page 11

WESTERN WILDLIFE - Be bat aware! Page 14

Tournaments Are Time -- For Some Great Fish Tales!

Lots Of Catchin' Ahead - Bass Junkyz Teams' schedule events.

Congratulations! - AZGFC announces honorees.

'Where The Buffalo Roam' - Fifty-eight Grand Canyon bison relocated.

Indigenous Peoples' Day: October 10

Columbus Day: October 10

Halloween: October 31

Daylight Savings Time Ends: November 6

Election Day: November 8

Veterans' Day: November 11

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