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Icy Cold Was The Summer


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 By WOT    Boating    January 1, 2018

Tecniq LED Fixture Delivers Massive Light

New Compact Tecniq LED Fixture Delivers Massive Light Lighting a deck or cockpit space provides safety and security, but too often LED fixtures are large and expensive. Guaranteed for life, TecNiq's...

 By AZBW    Boating    January 1, 2018

Raillight Really Shines

Whether an adventure means camping, boating or simply relaxing on the patio, Davis Instruments' RailLight™ delivers the illumination needed to stave-off darkness and extend outdoor fun. And because...

 By AZBW    Boating    January 1, 2018

Cast Stainless Steel Steering Wheels Could Outlive Boat

Quality craftsmanship and a feel of stability is immediately noticed when grasping a Schmitt & Ongaro Vision Elite or Vision FX marine steering wheel. Ideal for any boat, they're attractive, yet...

 By WOT    Boating    January 1, 2018

Camera Adapter Makes The Ultimate Selfie Stick

Household selfie sticks may capture backyard action, but when it comes to surviving repeated use in a marine environment-or reaching up 9'-they come up short. Shurhold Industries' Camera Adapter...

 By Jim Allen    Boating    December 1, 2017

Seaspots Gone

For All Your Cleaning And Descaling Needs SEASPOTS GONE keeps boats, jet skis, RVs, and other water sports equipment's shining and calcium free. Boat, RV and water sport lovers love SEASPOTS GONE...

 By AZBW    Boating    December 1, 2017

Indispensable Deck Plate Key Makes Ideal Gift

Most boats use flush-mount deck plates to provide discreet, convenient access to wiring, plumbing and other internal components. Yet opening them can sometimes prove challenging, especially when they...

 By WOT    Boating    November 1, 2017

Now, Long-Handled Aluminum Tools Won't Scratch Or Sink

Boat hooks and brush handles can accidentally scratch and mar fine boat finishes. Shurhold Industries' patented Handle Mate PFD slips over the aluminum shaft of its Telescoping and Fixed Length...

 By WOT    Boating    November 1, 2017

Storm Anchoring: Preparation Is Key

Images of vessels lost during the recent Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are still fresh in the minds of many. These catastrophic storms galvanize the need to have an anchoring plan in place, even for...

 By WOT    Boating    November 1, 2017

Shockles Absorb Jarring Loads On Lines And Chains

Whether tied to a dock or mooring, at anchor or towing a dinghy, lines and chains create enormous stress on cleats, chocks, fairleads and related fittings, especially when suddenly jarred....

 By WOT    Boating    October 1, 2017

Ice Pick Is Only The First Of Tool's Many Uses

Many outdoors fans forgo cubes and freeze large chunks of ice instead. It lasts longer and is easier to use inside a cooler. Chipping and splitting ice blocks has never been easier than with the Becks...

 By WOT    Boating    October 1, 2017

Now's The Time To Get Rid Of Mold, Mildew

Warm weather is when boat and RV owners notice nature taking its toll - inside and out. Between the mold, algae and dirt, things start looking dingy. Iosso Products' Mold & Mildew Stain Remover Cl...

 By AZBW    Boating    September 1, 2017

Pleasant Harbor Marina and RV Resort - Come To A Perfect Destination Now (Or Any Time)

After unprecedented storms rocked Lake Pleasant, Pleasant Harbor Marina is open for business and ready to host thousands of visitors over the upcoming holiday weekend (or any weekend for that...

 By Boat US    Boating    August 1, 2017

7 Tips From BoatUS To Slow Down Thieves

Alert: Crime Rings Stealing Boats, Yamaha Outboards, Garmin Electronics - BoatUS offers seven tips to slow down thieves......

 By AZGFD    Boating    August 1, 2017

Operation Dry Water Continues - Continuously

Operation Dry Water was once again carried out on Arizona’s bodies of water as officers from numerous agencies were on the lookout for people who were operating a boat......

 By AZBW    Boating    July 1, 2017

Phoenix, AZ - Gov. Ducey Issues Proclamation Encouraging Boating Safety

"Boating in Arizona can offer great experience for everyone on the water, but only if it is done safely and responsibly," said Josh Hoffman, AZGFD Boating Safety Education coordinator. "While time on...

 By AZBW    Boating    July 1, 2017

Here's A Safer, Easier Way To Move Small Boats

Out of the water, even the lightest dinghy can be awkward to move. Some owners use anything they can find, from reluctant bystanders to dock carts. Others simply resort to dragging on it the ground by...


Be Aware Of The Dangers Of Haphazardly Storing Emergency Gear

Damages associated with boats sinking cost nearly $5.8M in 2015, according to the US Coast Guard. In that same year, new boats were commonly offered with everything from decorative underwater lighting...

 By WOT    Boating    June 1, 2017
Maritime Museum of San Diego

San Diego, CA - For Dads

The Maritime Museum of San Diego invites you to a Father's Day celebration aboard the schooner Californian or 1542 galleon replica San Salvador. Before the sail each adult receives a delicious...

 By AZGFD    Boating    June 1, 2017
Arizona Boating Safety

Arizona Game & Fish Stresses Boating Safety

The Arizona Game and Fish Department, together with boating professionals and enthusiasts nationwide, demonstrated the importance of remaining safe on the water by participating in Wear Your Life...

 By AZBW    Boating    June 1, 2017

San Diego, CA - 'Lest We Forget'

During the Vietnam conflict 3,600 served or supported America's PCF Swift Boat mission. Four hundred were wounded. Fifty died. These are their stories of heroism, humor and heartbreak, told in...

 By BoatUS    Boating    June 1, 2017

What's In A Name?

The nation's largest recreational boating advocacy, services and safety group, Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS), has issued its 2017 Top Ten Boat Names list, a tradition dating ba...

 By AZBW    Boating    June 1, 2017

Washington - Introducing the Ranger Tugs 2018 R-27

Ranger Tugs launched the 2018 R-27 at TrawlerFest in Bremerton, WA. This all new model was an immediate success with much demand and multiple orders taken. She has a fast, dry ride and in keeping with...

California State Parks Boating

California - DBW Provides Survival Guide For 2017 Summer Season

As are Arizona's safety-conscious agencies, personnel and outdoor enthusiasts, California too is stressing the importance of water-wise prevention, procedures, and equipment. California's Division of...

 By AYC    Boating    June 1, 2017

Arizona Yacht Club Celebrates

Friday, June 9 is the date of the annual social highlight of the Arizona Yacht Club year. The Commodore's Celebration will be held at the Showcase Room at The Yard in Tempe, a fun spot near downtown...

 By Kate Kalamaga    Boating    June 1, 2017
Tropicalboat Charters

Florida Boating - Pleasure Boating in Miami

Traveling soon? Spending time on the water makes any vacation special, and boating in Miami, Florida offers a beautiful way to spend the day. Miami offers so many places to see and explore from the...


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