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Container Wrench

Handy Container Wrench Facilitates Fluid Transfers

Large fluid drums can sometimes prove challenging to open, especially the first time when breaching the original factory seal. The Wrench-70 container wrench from Beckson Marine makes fast work of 70mm and 3/4" slotted plugs, enabling users to get on with the job of transferring liquids to smaller containers.

Crafted from fiberglass-filled nylon for light weight and exceptional strength, the Wrench-70 provides needed added leverage to help open fluid drum caps. Its ergonomic design is easy to grip, while the raised handle affords access to even low-profile plugs. The Wrench-70 measures 9-1/2" L.

Its synthetic construction is completely non-sparking, providing an extra measure of safety when handling combustibles. The Wrench-70 from Beckson Marine has a suggested retail price of $28.80. Beckson also offers an array of drum pumps, connectors and bung adapters, plus a pail dolly and straplock, to help make commercial barrel fluid transfers simpler and safer.

Contact local dealers or Beckson Marine, 165 Holland Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06605. Email: orderdesk@beckson.com; Visit http://www.beckson.com.


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