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  • Its That Time of Year - Ed Huntsman

    Capt. Ed Huntsman, Boating Co-Editor|Jun 1, 2024

    Publishers Note: We realize that we ran this story in our April issue. We feel that it is a timely and important message. Thank you Ed. Have you completed your National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) approved state boater education course yet? If you're a California resident, effective January 1st, 2024 a NASBLA approved California course is required for any California resident age 60 and under. The course is available online, in a classroom or through home study. More... Full story

  • Women Set Sail On Lake Pleasant In November

    Capt. Ed Huntsman, Boating Co-Editor|Oct 1, 2023

    WHO: Tumbleweed Sailing (Lake Pleasant, Arizona) & National Women's Sailing Association WHAT: WOWazr! (Women on the Water Zonie Regatta) presented by Tumbleweed Sailing Friday through Sunday, Nov. 3-5 at the Maricopa County Desert Outdoor Center (https://youtu.be/iJ25KkJHJaM) near Pleasant Harbor Marina located north of Phoenix, Ariz. Tumbleweed Sailing offers identically prepared Catalina 25 Fin Keel boats available for unlimited annual use for a fraction of what it would cost to own, dock,... Full story

  • Long Beach Yacht Club Hosting Annual International Safety at Sea Course

    Capt. Ed Huntsman|Sep 1, 2023

    By Cameron MacLaren Long Beach Yacht Club is preparing for their annual US Sailing sanctioned International Safety at Sea course February 17-18, 2024. Participants may choose acomplete in-person two-day course; or a hands-on (Sunday only) course AFTER they've completed the 15 module online course, or a refresher / update if they've completed a sanctioned International course within the last 10 years. An impressive line up of seasoned and experienced presenters are scheduled to conduct the... Full story

  • So, What's a Boater To Do?!

    Capt. Ed Huntsman, Boating Co-Editor|Aug 1, 2023

    Protect yourself and your guests - It's still hot! And September doesn't look like it's going to be much cooler. As a matter of fact, many areas in the Southwest – especially the Phoenix area of the Northern Sonora Desert are generally much warmer than other areas of the country. Unseasonably Hot Both Southern and Northern California, Utah, Southern Nevada, in fact the entire lower Colorado basin is definitely unseasonably hot. This is the hottest summer on record since the National Weather s... Full story

  • Boating Navigation Rules In Arizona

    Capt. Ed Huntsman, Boating Co-Editor|Jul 1, 2023

    Not surprising that if you "know" the navigation rules on the waterway upon which you're boating, it's easy to spot those that don't. In fact, many boaters don't even know they exist, let alone what they are and that we are all legally responsible to know and understand them. Part of the reason there's confusion is that unless you've completed a National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) approved boating safety education course or you've "heard" about the NAV Rules somewhe... Full story

  • VHF Marine Band Radio – How Do I Use It?

    Capt. Ed Huntsman, Boating Co-Editor|Jul 1, 2023

    It never fails – every time I’m on the water, be it on a powerboat, and sailboat or paddling I always hear a boater doing a radio check. And frequently, others demonstrating their total lack of understanding on proper radio procedure by engaging in two-minute plus conversations on channel 16 while everyone else listens in –- not unlike the person speaking loudly on their cell phone in a restaurant.Many apparently justdon’t understand, or have not taken the time to learn how to properly use their... Full story

  • Weather Smart

    Capt. Ed Huntsman|Jun 1, 2023

    Non-boat owner friends often comment just after boarding our boat in San Diego about the traffic on our VHF marine radio offering up the latest weather information. More than one frequently remark about what a beautiful day it is – so what's up with the weather concern? Capt Debbie and I are quick to remind them that while the sun may be shinning now and the breeze is gentle, the Southern California coastal weather can change rapidly. And we take advantage of the moment to educate our guests t... Full story

  • Boating And Water Safety

    Capt. Ed Huntsman|Nov 1, 2022

    Capt. Ed Huntsman US Coast Guard Licensed Captain Member, US Sailing Safety at Sea Committee Why is safety such a hard sell? Why should water and boating safety officials across the country even have to try? Its always interesting that those most interested in the topic are rarely, if ever, those that would most benefit from learning about it and adopting the culture. As I sit here writing this article, I just finished reading a Coast Guard notification regarding a 65-year-old fisherman who... Full story

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