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 By BoatUS    Boating    October 1, 2023

Autumn Boating Safety Tips

What's Different About Fall Boating? Plus, take a deep dive into choosing your winter boat cover from the nonprofit BoatUS Foundation. For some boaters, fall is the best time for boating. Summer's ste... Full story

 By BoatUS    Boating    March 1, 2023

Boating Safety "Speak Easy"

BoatUS Reveals Top Three Mistakes Boaters Make When Using VHF Radios Help ensure you’re heard every time. For most recreational boaters, VHF radios are a better lifesaving tool than the omnipresent cellphone, even as more boaters use cellphones f... Full story

 By BoatUS    Boating    December 1, 2022

Boat Bags And Pillows

BoatUS Foundation holiday fundraiser offers a few nautical favorite things and gives back to boating. A few of boaters' favorite stocking stuffers and nautical gifts, such as flags, boat mats, towels... Full story

 By BoatUS    Boating    December 1, 2021

Nautically Themed Holiday Cards

Customizable greeting cards from the nonprofit BoatUS Foundation give back to boating. Hey, boaters! Got your holiday cards yet? The BoatUS Foundation's nautically themed cards from Salt Harbor... Full story

 By BoatUS    Boating    July 1, 2021

Donating Your Boat

Why Waiting Until Year End Could Cost You Single engine center-console boats wanted for on-water training programs. Boat owners wishing to do good or take advantage of potential tax benefits may... Full story

 By BoatUS    Boating    June 1, 2021

BOATU.S. - "They've got your number!"

The boating association provides some interesting information re: recreational boating. The job of the nation's largest recreational boating advocacy, services and safety group, Boat Owners... Full story

 By BoatUS    Boating    February 1, 2021

BoatUS Makes A Difference

Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS), the national advocacy, services and safety group with more than 700,000 members, weighed in on a range of boating issues, debates and... Full story

 By BoatUS    Boating    August 1, 2020

BoatUS Top 10 Boat Names

What Can A Boat's Name Tell You? BoatUS issues annual Top 10 Boat Names list. While a boat's name can be as varied as the owner at the helm, certain themes do stick out, according to Boat Owners... Full story

 By BoatUS    Boating    February 1, 2019

U.S. Coast Guard Reauthorization

THANK YOU -- (L to R) Capt. Jeff Dziedzic, TowBoatUS Mystic, Connecticut; Rep. Joe Courtney (D-Conn.); and Capt. Keith Turgeon, TowBoatUS Mystic U.S. Coast Guard Re-authorization Includes Look At... Full story

 By BoatUS    Boating    June 1, 2017

What's In A Name?

The nation's largest recreational boating advocacy, services and safety group, Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS), has issued its 2017 Top Ten Boat Names list, a tradition dating... Full story

 By BoatUS    Boating    April 1, 2017

Ten Tips To Get The Right Boat Loan

How do you get the right boat loan for your new or previously owned dream boat? Here are ten tips from Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS). 1. Check your credit: Before applying for a loan, ensure your credit report is accurate, and... Full story

 By BoatUS    Boating    April 1, 2017

Boat Trailer Insurance Mysteries Revealed By BoatUS

If you get in an accident while trailering your boat, do you know which insurance policy will pay for repairs to the trailer? If it's a simple accident with damage to the trailer only, it's likely to... Full story

 By BoatUS    Boating    March 1, 2017

New Videos From BoatUS Foundation

Boats burn every year and when they do, things get bad. Quickly. For boaters, acknowledging the possibility of a fire is an exercise in fear because there's nothing more scary than to have open... Full story

 By BoatUS    Boating    February 1, 2017

Boaters: Should You Add Ice And Freeze Coverage To Your Boat Policy? - Even In Southern States

Many boat owners think they don't have to worry about freeze damage if they live in temperate states or if they keep their boat in heated indoor storage areas in Northern climates. However, every... Full story

 By BoatUS    Boating    July 1, 2016

What's In A Boat Name?

A boat name can reveal much about the personality of a boat owner. Are they into fishing? Reel Therapy on the boat's transom certainly shows it. Do they have kids in school? What College Fund? says it best. Like to sing? In Harmony is a popular... Full story

 By BoatUS    Boating    December 15, 2013

BoatUS Speaks Up For Boat Owners At EPA Ethanol Hearings

The blending of ethanol into the nation's gasoline supply was the topic of a hearing held today by the EPA to discuss the 2014 Standards for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Program. Last month, EPA released the 2014 proposed standards that reduced... Full story

 By BoatUS    Boating    November 15, 2013

Got A Sunny Day To Get On The Boat One More Time?

All over the country - well, at least in the Desert Southwest - fall is in full swing and recreational boaters and anglers are trying to squeeze in their last good day on the water. But when they do,... Full story

 By BoatUS    Boating    November 15, 2013

Four Tips: How to Safely Truck Your Boat Over the Road

ALEXANDRIA, VA, November 4, 2013 -- Last year, Steffen Schmidt wanted to move his 37-foot sailboat from Seattle to Rhode Island. Schmidt was not unfamiliar with hiring boat transportation services, and had done it once before with no issues. But... Full story


Top 10 Most Popular Boat Names In 2011

BoatUS: 22nd Annual List Of Top 10 Boat Names Making the decision to buy a boat comes easy for some people. Picking out a name for the boat, however, can prove to be much harder, according to Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS). "A... Full story


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