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New Videos From BoatUS Foundation

Four Fire Extinguisher Myths, Burning Boats Reel

Boats burn every year and when they do, things get bad. Quickly. For boaters, acknowledging the possibility of a fire is an exercise in fear because there's nothing more scary than to have open flames aboard and no place to go. I'd like to share two new videos from the BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water that I encourage you to share with friends:

Four Fire Extinguisher Myths https://youtu.be/_i3gFgZnXyk

At the BoatUS Foundation, this subject is always a "hot topic," especially because some boaters mistakenly believe that fire extinguishers must be mounted. US Coast Guard Fire Extinguisher requirements include the following: must be a marine-type, US Coast Guard-approved, in good, serviceable condition with sufficient charge, and you must have the required number of extinguishers aboard for your size and type of vessel. While mounting an extinguisher is not a USCG requirement, doing so is a smart idea because it keeps the extinguisher accessible where anyone can quickly grab it in the event of a fire.

Boat Fire Safety: Burning Boats Reel https://youtu.be/eHFzjjOb-8s

Coming Soon: In April 2017, we'll be releasing a full-length BoatUS Foundation Boat Fire Safety video that captures three dramatic fires on different types of powerboats. The video will urge boaters to improve their fire-safety efforts. This short one-minute+ burning boats reel captures some of the action.

Here's to a safe and early start to the boating season!


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