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On The Cover September 2020

Lady Liberty Witnessed A Tragedy

This photo from the National Park Service inspired the cover of this issue. As we remember the tragic events of September 11, 2001, she symbolizes to me the importance of remembering our history -- both the glory and the darkness.

She watched as the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center burned and cried with us at the loss of life and the terrifying events of that infamous day.

Patriot Day, established soon after, is a national day of mourning and reminds us how quickly and easily we can lose what we cherish.

May God bless America.


Page 2, DOWNSTREAM - Labor Day recognizes workers' contributions.

Page 4, BOATING - Ed Hale is the "go-to guy".

Page 8, Tackle & Target - This month's featured pro is Curt Rambo.

Page 11, Land Cruising - All it takes is one little spark.

Page 14, WESTERN WILDLIFE - Be bat aware.

Page 17 - Arizonans recognized by WAFWA.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Boaters need to know boat-insurance basics. Page 4

FISH TAILS - INFORMATION - Lake Powell has some huge catfish. Page 10


Labor Day: Sept. 7

Patriot Day: Sept. 11

Grandparents' Day: Sept. 13

Autumn Begins: Sept. 22


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