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Buying A Gift For A Boater?

Buying A Gift For A Boater? They Are Easy To Shop For

You are in luck! There is never a challenge when shopping for a gift for the boater(s) in your life. Whether your recipient sails, operates a powerboat, PWC, enjoys paddle-sports on a Stand-up paddle board, in a canoe or a kayak, chances are they are always in need of something that will enhance their day, safety or activity.

Some Ideas

If they’re not dropping any hints for you and you’re not comfortable asking them what they’d like, you might give their watercraft and equipment / gear a look to see if anything looks like it could use an upgrade or replacement. Life jackets wear out and electronics are constantly getting smaller and more useful. If they’re anglers, they’ll always be able to use new and additional tackle or fishing gear. From clothing to a new fly rod, no shortage of choices for an avid angler.

For Towed Sports

Do they enjoy water-skiing or other towed sports? Again, easy shopping for new music, a blue-tooth waterproof speaker, skis, board shorts or swimming suits, sunglasses, hats or other items that make good accessories for the right look out on the water. And, it’s easy to gift a pre-paid card for your recipient to choose his or her own present!

For Paddlers

Is there a paddler on your list? Consider things like a throw-bag with a 25 or 50 - foot length of line inside that can be used to help rescue a friend if necessary. A splash-guard, new gloves or dry bag can always be put to immediate use along with a new reusable beverage container.

For Any Boater

Any boater, regardless of the type of boating they do will appreciate a small but well-appointed first-aid kit. A Go-Pro? A bit pricey, but sure to please the boater on your list who can now capture all the action. A hand-held GPS will help make sure your boaters know where they are and how to get back!

More Ideas

A small appropriate size cooler that won’t sink their boat? All shapes and sizes are available and now, are very effective and soft-sided coolers that are available in a variety of different sizes won’t overwhelm the boat or the people in it. Dock lines or other items such as fenders can always find a home in helping protect the gel coat of a boat hull. Flashlights, cyalume chem light-sticks, or emergency navigation lights can be extremely useful when needed.

Water And Sun Protection

A good wide-brimmed hat providing protection from the sun and sunscreen is always appreciated by those that spend time of the water. And, a waterproof case for your boater’s smart phone can also help keep a good day good in the event the phone slips out of someone’s hands when trying to capture a photo.

Online Or In-Store

Any visit online or to a brick and mortar store front that caters to outdoors sports enthusiasts will have numerous items from which to choose for your boater – and most at a very reasonable price. If you just can’t decide, a gift card will always be useful! Enjoy your shopping experience during this holiday period – boaters are always easy to shop for!

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Ed Huntsman, Boating Editor

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Recreational boating safety Program Manager, United States Coast Guard, Eighth Coast Guard District. - Retired


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