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Father's Day Gifts For Gun Guys

Your Dad Is Going To Love These

If your dad likes to shoot, hunt, or carry, Father's Day is a snap – I've got some great ideas for gifts for dad at a variety of price points. You'll be the favorite when Dad opens one of these! Here's the code: $=less than $25; $$=$25-$50; $$$=$50-$75; $$$$=$75+

Safariland Foam Impuse Hearing Protection $

Every shooter needs hearing protection, and Safariland's Foam Impulse Hearing Protection is fantastic. Forget those awful little foam capsules in the cellophane wrapper – these are Universal Fit Memory Foam earplugs with patent pending impulse filter technology. Simply put, this means that in full-block mode they ramp noise down 20db continuously, or in impulse mode they give you 38db peak impulse reduction and 13db continuous reduction, no batteries required.

They are perfect for the range, for hunting – whatever. You can still hear people talk, but your hearing is protected. A removeable neck cord keeps them handy. Best of all – they're only $14.95. Get them at http://www.safariland.com and if you sign up for emails, you can save 10% on your entire order, so get some for yourself too.

Streamlight Pocket Mate USB Rechargeable Mini Light

This little flashlight is awesome – it will run from 20 to 60 minutes on a charge, it will attach to darn near anything with its integrated clip and snap hook, it comes in four colors, puts out 325 lumen on high, and has a micro usb port for charging. The pushbutton switch will glow green to let you know when it's charged up.

The Pocket Mate is just 2" long x 1.08" wide by 0.5" thick. Best of all, it's only $21.50 at http://www.brightguy.com. This little light is water resistant, shines a beam up to 249 feet, and is impact resistant to 1 meter. Great little gift for dad to keep in his pocket and remind him who his favorite kid is.

2021 Concealed Carry And Home Defense Expo Tickets $ or $$

The 2021 Expo for concealed carry and home defense will be in Fort Worth, Texas, October 1-3, 2021. Attendees will get to test-drive the newest handguns on a live-fire shooting range, and get access to gear from the top companies in the firearms industry. There will also be practical seminars and courses and hundreds of products like guns, holsters, knives, and more.

Tickets are very reasonable: Non-USCCA member general admission $25, Non-member digital ticket $15. The digital ticket means dad can attend without leaving home, enjoying access to the expo from anywhere via phone, tablet, or computer. He can watch free seminars in real time and even enjoy a virtual walk-through of the exhibit hall with Kevin Michalowski, the Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine. Get dad a ticket at http://www.usccaexpo.com, or better yet – get two tickets and go with him!

Milspin Glock Magazine Window Breaker $$$

You might be familiar with Milspin because they make absolutely gorgeous magazine baseplates and rear plates for Glocks. I know I got some of their stuff for Christmas, and it's first class and made in America. The company was founded by vets. Anyway, now they have a base plate for your EDC Glock that will help you escape if you're trapped in your car – the Magazine Window Breaker is machined from a solid block of stainless steel with a Cerakote finish and an embedded tungsten bead. Again, sign up for emails at http://www.milspin.com and get 10 percent off. The Magazine Window Breaker is $75.

PHLster Enigma $$$$

Is Dad a runner? A doctor maybe? A gym rat? Maybe he's just a guy who prefers to dress casually and forego the belt now and then. If you carry, you know your options are extremely limited when you're wearing something like gym shorts, jogging pants, or scrubs. The PHLster Enigma ends that problem. It's not a holster – it's a holder for your holster. It comes with a 46-inch adjustable belt, Fidlock Magnetic Quick Release Buckle, mounting and attachment hardware, a holster faceplate, and a leg leash.

You simply adjust the belt to fit you, mount your holster in it (check the website to see if dad's holster fits – it has to be the "wing" type and not for guns with lights). The Enigma is $84.99 and frees dad from having to carry a tiny gun or nothing at all when he isn't wearing a belt. Get one at http://www.phlsterholsters.com.

Pepperball ® Compact Or Mobile Kit $ or $$$$

The PepperBall ® Compact is preloaded and ready to PepperBall Launcher that weighs just a little over 2 ounces. It can launch a PepperBall up to 30 feet, which is up to three times the range of leading personal-sized pepper sprays. The PepperBall bursts on impact to release a pepper cloud that will quickly incapacitate a threat, and it doesn't have to hit the attacker to be effective. It's also reloadable and uses an N2 cartridge.

The Compact is $24.99. The PepperBall Mobile Kit is $199.99 and is equipped with a large trigger and a dual LED Flashlight and aiming laser. It is effective on threats up to 40 feet away and has a three-round capacity. See all the great PepperBall products at http://www.pblifelite.com.

Sir Aqua III Stainless Steel Automatic Dog Waterer $$, $$$$

If Dad is an upland or duck hunter, chances are his best hunting buddy is a gun dog. This time of year, it's difficult to keep plenty of water out for your dog because they knock the dish over or drink it all up. The Sir Aqua solves that by refilling as the dog drinks. You just attach it to a standard garden hose (or use a steel washing machine hose if Fido likes to chew the hose up). This dish is made in the USA and only costs $32.99. They also have a Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer that mounts to a wall or kennel pole so it won't ever be tipped over.

As the bowl, it attaches to a hose and refills as the dog or dogs drink. Since they are stainless steel they're easy to clean, and it also dismounts easily when it needs a scrub. Check them out at http://www.gundogsupply.com.

Kore Gun Belt $$

I just bought a couple of Kore Gun Belts for Margie and myself and we absolutely love them. They are super stiff and durable so there is no floppy holster syndrome going on, and since the belt rachets to fit, it is quick and easy to get the absolute perfect size no matter which holster you're using that day. They handle a full-size firearm with absolutely no problem, and they are comfortable and good looking.

The EDC Gear Tactical Gun Belts are just $39.99 and come in four colors: black, tan, gray, and Ranger green. They will fit waists 24 – 54 inches. You just lop off what you don't need and the hidden track in the belt has over 40 positions so you can adjust ¼-inch at a time. They're great. Use code KoreNew10 to get 10 percent off your first order at http://www.koreessentials.com.

Pilgrim Self Defense Ammo $$

With 30 percent less felt recoil, 75 percent more velocity, and 50 percent more kinetic energy, Pilgrim Ammunition Torch ™ 9mm is a great round for self defense. Best of all, it's in stock. Get a box of 20 for $34.95 at http://www.pilgrimammunition.com.

Any dad who shoots is sure to love any of these for Father's Day, but he'll enjoy spending time with you even more. Show Dad some love this Father's Day.


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