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On The Cover August 2020

How About A Road Trip?

In the words of Margie and John Anderson who provided the motivating cover phone, "If you’re looking to get out of the heat and see some gorgeous country where it’s cool and green, I’ve got the perfect road trip for you. If you’ve ever been to Alpine or Springerville, you already know how pretty the Apache-Sitgreaves Forest is, and I’ve got a couple of back-road drives for you that don’t require 4WD. In fact, we saw a lot of RVs on the second part of our road trip."

The rest of their story in this issue makes me determined to get out of the searing Valley sun and "get on the road again". Even a short trip can not only offer a break from the scorching heat, but also a refreshing change from being confined to our homes (and a chance to really breathe without those darn masks!) This is a trying time for all of us in so many ways, and a road trip might just be all we need to refresh our souls — at least for a little while. It's definitely food for thought.

Margie Anderson does it again with her vast knowledge of Arizona. Her story in this issue On The Road Again is full of good information and beautiful pictures.

Don't miss this great trip with the Anderson's.


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