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Tactica Concealed Carry Leggings

If you're lucky enough to have a mom in your life who likes to shoot, getting her something for Mothers' Day that she will love is easier now than ever. More and more companies are designing gear just for women, and you can find something great no matter what your budget is. Read on for some ideas for this Mother's Day.


CC Clothing

Tactica Defense Fashion has concealed-carry clothing such as jackets, sweaters, and pants that look great – they don't look tactical at all unless you want them to, and if you do – camo is an option. Their sweaters are designed with strategically placed slits that look like pockets, but allow you to easily access a weapon carried inside or outside the waistband.

The jackets have two ambidextrous pockets so mom can conceal her firearm without even having to wear a holster. They even have concealed carry leggings as well as tactical pants that look great and have adjustable waist tabs so she can carry IWB or OWB and change her mind as often as she wants.


When it comes to women's holsters, Tactica has just about every kind you can think of. They have corsets, belly bands, inside the waistband, hook and loop, outside the waistband, ankle holsters, a universal grip holster and even mag carriers. The ankle holster comes in two sizes and has a sewn-in Grip-Strip that keeps it from sliding down your ankle, plus a covered trigger guard for extra safety.

They're made with breathable neoprene padding to make them extra comfortable. One of the greatest things about Tactica is that you have a 10-day trial period and a 30-day warranty. The ankle holster is $45.99.

Bags And More

Tactica also has a bunch of great-looking bags and backpacks, and even a tactical pen and flashlight. They have everything from fanny packs and messenger bags to purses and bug-out bags at prices from $35 to $200. They even have a nice-looking personal alarm for around $20.

Gun Belts

One of the things that can be hard to find is a good-looking gun belt for women. Gun belts have to be stout and strong, and can often end up looking very manly or military. But Tactica's women's gun belts are gorgeous with great colors and textures, plus different buckle designs. They range in price from around $73 to $80.

You can even get a southwestern buckle for $15. You should check out all of Tactica's great gear and clothing.

New Amo

Doesn't matter if you're a guy or a gal; if you shoot, you need to practice. Practice means going through a lot of ammo, so a gift of a box or two is always appreciated. If your lady carries for personal defense, a couple boxes of Winchester Train & Defend is a great gift idea. Winchester pairs range-ready TRAIN (T) rounds with threat-stopping DEFEND (D) rounds. The ammunition is ballistically matched, so she'll get the same feel from the Train rounds as she will from the Defend rounds.

The Train rounds have lead-free primers and the Defend rounds are bonded for threat-stopping and personal defense situations. They are also both designed for less recoil, which means she can get back on target more quickly. Just so we're clear, each box is either Train or Defend ammo. They are not combined in the box.The ammo is $25.99 per box at

If Mom digs sporting clays, Winchester has her covered for that sport as well. Their new Super Target shells have a hinged wad for reduced felt-recoil and increased velocity, consistent patterns, and reliable, hard-hitting target loads that are perfect for trap, skeet, and sporting clays. Winchester Super Target shells are $7.49 – $8.49 for a box of 25 shells at

Work Sharp Sharpeners

If your lady is a hunter, she probably has a hunting knife. I know Margie has several – she loves knives. Plus, there are all those kitchen knives to keep sharp. Dull knives are dangerous because they can slip instead of slicing, so do your mom a favor and get her a good, easy-to-use sharpener.

Field dressing big game often dulls the knife, so one that is small enough to carry in a pocket is ideal. The Work Sharp Pivot Plus Knife Sharpener has you covered and it costs less than $10. It has three ways to sharpen and hone: a convex carbide slot, ceramic hone, and a tapered diamond rod to sharpen serrations. The rod swings out of the bottom of the tool. It even has a lanyard hole so it can be attached to a cord and worn that way.

Bird hunters use scissors in the kitchen to cut up birds, and nothing is worse than dull scissors. The Pivot Pro Knife Sharpener will sharpen and hone not only knives, but also scissors, shears, and garden tools. It's actually five sharpeners in one small hand-held tool and it only costs $12.95. I have several of the Work Sharp Sharpeners and they are the best I've tried.


No matter whether your mom is just starting out or she's been shooting for years, a shooting class is something she will really enjoy. Call up your local range or go online and check out what kind of classes they have to offer. You'll find everything from ladies-only basic beginner classes to CCW and advanced self-defense and tactical classes. These classes are not only fantastic for training, they are also a lot of fun. Sign yourself up along with your mom, or give her the choice of taking a lady friend along.

Shooting is a perishable skill, so the more she practices, the better it is for her. Margie and I have taken many classes together and what she likes best is that with the upper level classes, you can shoot on the move, shoot from cover, and do other kinds of shooting that you normally can't do at a range.

Classes can range in price from around $60 to over $200, depending on the length and level of class. Check them out. If you're not sure which class she'd like, get her a gift certificate to the range, so she can schedule the class she wants at a time that works for her. Maybe she'll go for her concealed carry permit!


Glasses are very important for shooting, especially for things like sporting clays, skeet, trap, hunting, etc. The right color lenses can make the target jump out at you, so a lot of shooters like to have glasses with changeable lenses. SSP Eyewear makes a huge range of glasses for sportsmen and women, and they can even make them for you if you wear prescription lenses. They can also change the position of your bifocal or trifocals to make shooting a pistol easier.

Their prices range from about $25 to $160 for kits, plus extra for prescriptions. If Mom just needs a little extra help up close, they have a great Denial Bifocal Kit for around $60 that includes three sets of interchangeable lenses in clear, amber, and smoked, with bifocal magnification choices ranging from 1.25 to 3.00. These three sets of lenses will let Mom zero in on targets under just about any light conditions, and she'll look sharp in the glasses too.

Splurge On A Gun Made Just For Her

Tactica Concealed Carry Sweater

If money is no object, a new gun will really wow mom on her big day. Check these out:

Syren shotguns

Weatherby Camilla rifle

Beretta Vittoria Sporting shotgun

Franchi Affinity Catalyst and Instinct Catalyst shotguns

Savage Lady Hunter rifles

CZ-USA SCTP Sterling


In addition to concealed carry bags, Mom might also need a new range bag, rifle case, shotgun case, pistol case – whatever. They now come in a wide range of colors and styles, so get her something she enjoys showing off at the range. Happy Mothers' Day!


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