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AZGFD Asks Successful Spring Turkey Hunters For A Hand -- Uh, Leg


The Arizona Game and Fish Department is seeking help from successful spring turkey hunters as it continues to monitor the state's wild turkey populations for an emerging disease.

All hunters who harvest a turkey – including youth hunters whose seasons begin next week -- are asked to consider donating one of the bird's legs (or heart) by bringing it to any of the department's regional offices statewide.

The leg should be removed at the joint above the foot (see diagram). Legs and hearts should be kept frozen in a sealable plastic bag.

Lymphoproliferative Disease Virus (LPDV) is a virus that has the potential to develop into a deadly cancer in wild turkeys. To be clear, the disease is not harmful to humans. Little is known about the disease, although it is highly likely that it is only deadly in a small percentage of birds.

For more information, visit or contact aquatic and wildlife health biologist Callie Hartson at or (623) 236-7227.


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