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Coyotes Curling Club Invites You To Learn

The Coyotes Curling Club typically conducts two to four public Learn-to-Curl (LTC) events every month during our curling season (September-July). We also conduct private LTC events which are usually team builder opportunities by employers.

For someone who had attended a LTC, the next step used to be to join one of our regular leagues. The Club found that LTC graduates were a little intimidated by this because they were not yet confident of their curling skills. This was the motivation for creating a special league offering which we call a Learners League.

A Learners League combines three new curlers with an experienced club member to form a team. The experienced club member also acts as a coach and mentor for the new curlers on the team. Since each team is made up of mostly newbie curlers the participants find it less intimidating.

The duration of a Learners League is four weeks (one game a week) and so is not a huge commitment for someone trying to decide if they want to continue in the sport.

The only requirement for someone to join a Learners League is that they must become a Club member ($75 annual fee). The Club then waives the $100 League Fee ($25 per game).

For more information, email learntocurl@coyotescurling.com.



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