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Tempe Town Lake Scheduled to Close for More than a Month Next Spring

Replacing the current inflated rubber Tempe Town Lake dam with concrete and steel will shut down the lake-probably next spring-for a period the city estimates will be more than one month, severely affecting activities for Arizona Yacht Club and the Arizona Sailing Foundation.

The news came today in an email from Tempe Senior Boating Coordinator Alicia Jerger, saying the new concrete and steel dam will be finished in "February or March," depending on weather delays. At that point the city will divert the TTL water and, she says, "It is anticipated that refilling of Town Lake, mostly using water exchange credits, will begin one month after the water is diverted. Tempe Town Lake will be closed to boating and water recreation once the water diverting has begun."

Obviously closing the lake will make a mess of plans for classes and racing at the lake next spring, especially since the time frame is so vague. When the previous inflated rubber dam collapsed, it left a muddy mess and shut down AYC and ASF for weeks. Here we go again!

In the meantime, get out and sail! Next weekend the races and RC training will begin at 2pm (instead of 3pm as it did in September and October), reflecting the earlier sunset.


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