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Lake Pleasant Receives Funding for Interpretive Displays

Lake Pleasant Receives Funding for Interpretive Displays

Recently, members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a Collection Agreement between the Arizona Game and Fish Commission and Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department.

“Through the agreement, Lake Pleasant Regional Park will receive $10,000 to construct interpretive exhibits that focus on boating safety, aquatic recreation opportunities and educational matters,” said Maricopa County Supervisors’ Chairman Max Wilson.

“We’re currently remodeling the Lake Pleasant Visitors Center and have dedicated 1,100 sq. ft. to a new Discover Center that will feature an array of interpretive exhibits,” said R.J. Cardin, Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department director.

The Discovery Center, being developed in partnership with the United States Bureau of Reclamation, will focus on telling the unique story of the Lake Pleasant area by including displays on natural history, the indigenous culture and environment along with exhibits on how engineering and recreation have helped to shape the area as it is today. The primary theme that will tie all of the exhibits together is what draws visitors to the park — water!

“Last year, over 600,000 people visited the park and nearly 63,000 park visitors stopped by the Visitors Center. The addition of the Discovery Center, along with a welcoming center, retail space and exhibit area, will provide park visitors with an enhanced visitor experience,” added Wilson.

To learn more about the Visitors Center remodel, contact (602) 506-2930 or visit Lake Pleasant Regional Park at 41835 N. Castle Hot Springs Rd., Morristown, AZ 85342.


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