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Upgrade Your Boating Skills

From Ron and Rose Werner

As the warm weather is upon us, we are all thinking about dusting off the boat and going to have some fun on the lake! As most of us do not boat much in the wintertime, we need to ensure that our boats are properly maintained and that we have not forgotten about the safety equipment we must carry.

Remember: When you are out on the water help is not necessarily close by!

Since we may not have been boating for several months, too many of the skills required are not engrained into our normal repetition, so everything we do on the water needs to be thought about ahead of time.

This month May 19 – 27 is the nationwide/international observance of Safe Boating Week. This event was considered important enough that it was signed into our state’s legislation for observance.

So, how do you know what to do about renewing skills? Our recommendation is to ask a person who is trained in boating: its laws, its equipment, its safety cautions, its skills, and more.

For starters you may look into local organizations (e.g., AZGFD, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Lake Pleasant Sailing Club, Phoenix Sail & Power Squadron) that support safe and correct boating procedures; it is highly recommended to take a Boating Safety Class. (Please see current schedule on page 3 of this issue.)

Whatever you do, do not guess; search out the right answer the first time.


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