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January 1, 2024

From Tim Rafferty []

Did you know that in 2021 the bureaucrats at the CDC (Center for Disease Control) claimed that there were 21,000 firearms related fatalities in the US? After making this statement, the CDC soon thereafter declared that the fabricated term, "gun violence" (its people violence stupid) is now a health-related issue, thus justifying their position to jump into the anti-gun frenzy. why is a government agency tasked with identifying and eradicating infectious diseases suddenly taking a hard left turn into an arena they know nothing about?

Apparently, the present administration issued a memo to federal agencies across the board to figure out a way to insert these agencies into the business of challenging our 2nd Amendment. Perhaps, they figure, if you throw enough crap against the wall, that something has got to stick. The CDC along with other agencies is now actively engaged in the business of undermining or totally castrating the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution. Meanwhile, these agencies have become so "woke" that their effectiveness as credible entities created to serve the people, have become corrupted and compromised.

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The same administration will unashamedly swear on a stack of Bibles claiming they support our 2nd Amendment. However, their actions are in sharp contrast to their words. Mounds of evidence clearly indicate that these Washington, DC political elites will indeed confiscate the firearms of every law-abiding citizen in these United States, if given the opportunity! Persistent harassment and attempts to disarm the law abiding, defy all logic and common sense. Every American has a God Given Right to self-defend against the actions of the growing and increasingly violent criminal element.

Despite the dark cloud of tyranny hovering above us, there is a bright light that pierces through the gloom and ignorance. Aside from well established pro 2nd Amendment organizations such as the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL), there is another less conspicuous local organization who regularly challenges the misinformation and blatant lies of the anti-gun industry. This group is known as the RidersUSA (Riders United for a Sovereign America) organization.

Every year in February (commemorating the month Arizona became our 48th State), RidersUSA and their friends at Gun Freedom Radio, sponsor a production that has no equal, drawing thousands to the Arizona State Capitol. It is by far, the largest gathering of pro-Second Amendment enthusiasts and gun rights aficionados held within the State of Arizona. Nationally renowned Gun Rights experts and personalities share the stage to speak of their experiences and knowledge involving the ongoing challenges and struggles to maintain and secure the Right to Keep and Bear Arms for this and future generations.

This is a family friendly event, complete with a children's section and a Motorcycle Procession where Riders from across the State ride in to get this party started. Participants of course, are welcomed to responsibly sport their favorite weapon of choice. Booth spaces are available for entrepreneurs to advertise their businesses, sell merchandise and/or distribute literature. RidersUSA will also sponsor a firearms raffle with a chance to win a brand spanking new AR-15 and other prizes. Your chances of winning are enhanced because of the limited number of raffle tickets that will be sold. This is a fun-filled, educational, and worthwhile experience that you wouldn't want to miss! Hope to see you there.......Copy and Paste or click on the link for more info:

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"Our constitution provides that no law shall forbid us from keeping and bearing arms because of the necessity for a militia. We have a militia of a sort, but our greatest strength lies in the fact that so many of our people not only possess weapons but also understand their use, and above all they are prepared to defend themselves against any sudden attack by an enemy."

"You will remember that we won our freedom because we were armed. We were not a simple peasantry unused to weapons. The men who wrote our constitution knew our people would be safe as long as they were armed." Excerpt from The Lonesome Gods by Louis L'Amour

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