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On The Cover December 2023

Pay It Forward

It's the season of giving. We have had suggestions for boaters, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts overall, and veterans.

But, what about the other members of our "extended family" - our wonderful wildlife? Of course they cannot let us know what they need, but I think with some guidance from organizations such as the Arizona Game & Fish Department, Conservation First USA, and multiple other species-specific support groups, we can embrace some great gift ideas for our wildlife.

Three examples come to mind especially during hunting season: doing your part to keep wasting disease at bay, keeping collars from harvested game to ensure helpful information is recorded, and participating in the 2024 raffle for big-game tags. Every dollar raised for each species through the raffle is returned to the Arizona Game and Fish Department and managed by the Arizona Habitat Partnership Committee. With input from local habitat partners across the state and sponsoring organizations involved in the fundraising, project priorities are determined that provide the most benefit to each species.

There are many more ways (e.g., summer programs to provide water for wildlife) to gift these members of our extended family.

Yes, you too can pay it forward; Join AZGFD's Conservation Membership program and ensure a wildlife legacy for the future. Click Here


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