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Stereo Packs Power Into 3.5 " Dash Gauge Footprint

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The circular JBL PRV-275 stereo receiver from ProSpec Electronics was designed to pack a lot of power into a standard 3.5" round dashboard gauge hole. But its compact size, all-weather construction and full-color screen make it ideal to install in boats, golf cars, UTVs and entertainment islands.

The JBL PRV-275 is all about playback options. Beyond AM/FM and weather band broadcasts, it streams music with ID tagging from a mobile device via Bluetooth®. Plus, with USB and aux inputs, it'll accommodate virtually any onboard audio need. If the boat or vehicle has a camera installed, it'll even display the feed on the stereo's 2.75" color screen.

While compact at only 4.25" dia., the JBL PRV-275 has simple, yet intuitive controls. The rotary encoder and five soft-touch buttons are easy to use even in rough seas, on the back trails or while heading to the next tee.

Sound quality abounds with the PRV-275. With 4 x 50 watt peak power, it produces serious volume with the finesse and clarity JBL is known for. With 2 ohm stability, the stereo will power up to eight 4 ohm speakers with parallel wiring without the need for an additional amplifier. Wired remote ready, it comes with three pair of pre-outs, including a sub out, for expansion and adaptability. The JBL PRV-275 from ProSpec Electronics costs $329.95.

Contact local dealers or ProSpec Electronics, 3325 S Morgans Point Rd., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466.


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