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Coyotes And Other Wildlife

AZGFD Offers Tips To Residents To Help Avoid Conflicts With Coyotes And Other Wildlife


In the aftermath of two recent coyote attacks on toddlers in north Scottsdale, the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) is reminding residents to help avoid conflicts with wildlife by not feeding them and by not letting them feel comfortable around your home.

If a coyote has bitten a person, call 911. Anyone bitten by a coyote should immediately seek medical attention from a qualified healthcare provider.

If you encounter a coyote (or other wildlife) that is acting aggressively toward people, call the Arizona Game and Fish Department's 24-hour Communications Center at 623-236-7201.

AZGFD does not provide removal or capture services for nuisance wildlife but does offer self-help advice. If necessary, homeowners can contact a qualified wildlife control business to attempt to capture and remove nuisance wildlife for a fee.

AZGFD will respond if there is an immediate public safety threat to people. Predators such as coyotes that have attacked people or are exhibiting predatory or aggressive behaviors toward people will be lethally removed. Lethal removal is the last resort, as these animals can't be relocated for public safety reasons. Keep in mind that even if coyotes are removed from an area, others will probably subsequently move in if attractants remain.


The Arizona Game and Fish Department has a "Living with Wildlife" section on its website ( with tips on living with coyotes, bobcats, javelina, mountain lions and bears, among other species.


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