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January 1, 2022

Grus Canadensis

Magnificent, but shy: These are the sandhill cranes that are in focus on a photography tour at the end of the month. The wildlife viewing and photography tour will be conducted by AZGFD photographer George Andrejko and biologists at Whitewater Draw. And, at press time, there was still space available to join this remarkable experience.

So much is in focus as we enter the New Year. The annual Arizona Renaissance Festival is back after a covid absence last year, and the Arizona Yacht Club is preparing for its Leukemia Cup Regatta (LCR). This exceptional event raises funds to fight the number-one cancer in children. It is the focal point of the yacht club's biggest event of the year, the Cup and the AYC Birthday Regatta, Friday and Saturday, Feb. 18-19-20.

Chris Briggs unsplash

There is so much more ahead in the Southwest, and we hope you can participate in the many great events and activities throughout the new year. We wish you health and happiness to enjoy your favorites as they fill the seasons with the wonders of our wildlife and of our outdoors.

The bottom line: Happy New Year!


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