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Arizona's Lifetime License Program

Giving For A Lifetime

Lifetime Or Pioneer Licenses May Be The Perfect Gift

If you are looking for a meaningful gift for your mother or father, this may be it.

What Is Arizona's Lifetime License Program?

Arizona's lifetime general hunting and fishing license program is a unique opportunity for resident sportsmen and sportswomen to participate in the long-term funding of Arizona's Wildlife Conservation programs. The dollars derived from the sale of these special licenses will be deposited into the established Arizona Wildlife Endowment Fund from which only the interest accrued will be used for management programs. Therefore, your lifetime license dollars today will work for wildlife for many years to come.

What Does This License Do For You?

As a purchaser or recipient of a lifetime license, you will be entitled to hunt and fish in Arizona for your lifetime, even if you move out of state. You can always come home to Arizona to hunt and fish no matter where you live. There will no longer be the need to worry about last-minute license purchases, xpiration deadlines, license fee increases or residency requirements. You will retain the privilege for life.

Lifetime license holders will still be required to purchase either resident or nonresident big game tags or permits as required by law.

Change Of Resident Status

If a lifetime license holder subsequently changes resident status from Arizona, the licensee must then purchase nonresident stamps, tags, and permits. A nonresident tag or stamp can accompany your lifetime resident license. The lifetime license will remain legal for the taking of all wildlife as permitted by law. Residency may be re-established after moving back to Arizona and meeting the required time period as set forth by law.

What Is My License?

Upon purchase of any lifetime license, you will be immediately issued a paper license valid for the taking of wildlife in Arizona. Shortly thereafter you will be issued a permanent plastic license appropriate to the license purchased which will be mailed to you.

Lifetime License As A Gift

Arizona's lifetime licenses make the perfect gift for someone who sharesyour commitment to the resource. The lifetime license truly becomes the gift for a lifetime!

The Cost

The fee for this license is $1,500. The difference between $1,500 and the fee the licensee would otherwise pay for a resident lifetime license is considered a donation to the state for the continued management, protection and conservation of the state's wildlife. This donation is tax deductible for the licensee to the extent allowed by federal and state income tax statutes for contributions to qualifying tax-exempt organizations. Please consult a tax advisor. The amount of the donation is credited to the wildlife endowment fund, which is used for wildlife conservation.

Welcome Aboard

The Arizona Game and Fish Department invites you to join an exclusive group of lifetime license holders who have made a financial commitment to Arizona's wildlife. As a participant, you can look forward to many years of hunting, fishing and enjoyment of this unique resource. Be the envy of your neighbors and be proud of your support to Arizona's diverse wildlife resource for now and for years to come.

Pioneer License Application

Applicable Arizona Statutes – A.R.S. 17-336 (A)(1)

Applicable Arizona Rules – R12-4-201

AZGFD Laws and Rules

Brief Description

A Pioneer License grants all the privileges of a Class F combination hunting and fishing license and also authorizes the holder to fish in all community lakes. People may qualify for a Pioneer License if they are 70 years of age or older and have been residents of Arizona for 25 or more consecutive years immediately preceding the application for the license.


Process: Complete application form and submit with required additional information.

Application: Form 2728

Fee: None

License Does Not Expire

Additional Information

The applicant for a pioneer license must submit any one of the following at the time of application: valid U.S. passport, original or certified copy of the applicant's birth certificate or government-issued driver's license or identification card. The Department will return the document to the applicant after verification. Pioneer License applications may be processed and the license issued from the Phoenix Office or any Regional Office.

For more information and/or an application, call (602) 942-3000 or visit http://www.azgfd.gov or https://www.azgfd.com/Fishing/Regulations/.


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