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A Letter To Us From Lost Our Home

Hi Everyone,

You are an important part of Lost Our Home Pet Rescue and we want to give you an update on our upcoming remodel and the impact it will have on the pets and people we serve at the shelter. Construction will begin on May 6th and has a planned end date of August 30th.

We plan to move all of the pets out of the shelter for the entirety of the remodel. It will be too noisy and stressful for them to remain here while the shelter is under construction (think jackhammers, nail guns, industrial solvents, no electric and water on some days and more).

LOH wants to stay true to our values of providing a safe and comfortable shelter environment for the pets in our care and this would be impossible to do at the shelter during a remodel.

Before this decision was made we looked at other ways to do the remodel in which we could keep the pets in the shelter, but ultimately there wasn't a way to do it without causing a lot of stress on pets and people, plus it would extend our construction time to almost a year, and it would cost us an additional $200,000.

For as much loss and trouble we will experience not having use of the shelter this summer, it is still the best choice for the pets we help, for the volunteers and staff that care for our pets, and for the donors who trust that we are making the best use of their donations.

There is more information on our website including renditions of what the remodel will look like. We also have bricks for sale so you can have a permanent place at LOH to honor or remember a person or pet. Click https://www.lostourhome.org/support/home-at-last-campaign for more information.


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