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AZ Livestock Loss Board Approves A Research Grant Program

The purpose of this grant is to assist in deterring wolf, cattle conflicts.

The Arizona Livestock Loss Board is now allowing ranchers to seek grant funding to assist in employing measures designed to prevent conflicts between cattle and Mexican wolves.

At its November meeting, the board unanimously approved the grant program to provide funding to livestock producers wanting to research and develop measures - such as utilizing range riders, fencing or other measures - designed to prevent conflicts.

Ranchers applying for the funds are required to provide a funding match either in cash or in-kind and/or third-party funds. Applicants must also provide documentation on the conflict-avoidance method being used and its effectiveness.

"We appreciate the Arizona Game and Fish Department working to secure these resources and are encouraged that the Department continues to recognize the losses caused by the Mexican wolf program," said Arizona rancher Steve Pierce, who also serves as Arizona Farm and Ranch Group president. "Providing solutions for conflict avoidance is another critical tool in proper wolf management - just as important as covering losses through the Arizona Livestock Loss Board."

The Arizona Livestock Loss Board was established in 2015 and is charged with addressing the depredation of Mexican wolves on livestock operations in Arizona. As part of its role, the board reimburses livestock producers whose cattle were confirmed to have been taken by a Mexican wolf.

The reimbursement program is designed to provide compensation to livestock producers who incur costs to their operations from Mexican wolves with the goal of increased tolerance for the presence of this subspecies on working landscapes.

For more information about the program, visit https://www.azgfd.com/Agency/LiveStockBoard.

About The State Of Arizona Livestock Loss Board

The Livestock Loss Board was established pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes 17-491, 17-492 and 17-493 to establish and implement procedures to compensate landowners, lessees or livestock operators for wolf depredation on livestock, and to administer the Livestock Compensation Fund.

The Livestock Loss Board meeting notices, agendas, and revised agendas will be posted at the Arizona Game and Fish Department Headquarters and on the Department's website. Agendas may be revised and additional items may be added up to 24 hours prior to the meeting as authorized by A.R.S. §38-431.02.

Mission Statement

To address the economic impacts of wolves on individual producers by reimbursing confirmed and probable wolf caused losses, help to reduce their losses by approving projects and funding programs that will discourage and prevent wolves from killing livestock, provide funding for Pay for Presence, and seek appropriate levels of secure funding to support the actions of the Board.


Ken Van De Graaff, Chairman – Phoenix

Ty E. Gray, Director of Arizona Game & Fish Department – Phoenix

Stephen Clark – Wildlife Conservation & Knowledge of Livestock – Glendale

Saramarge Crigler – Livestock Industry – Springerville

Mark W. Killian – Director of Arizona Department of Agriculture – Phoenix

Jim F. O'Haco – Livestock Industry – Winslow

Clay Parsons – Livestock Auction Market Owner – Marana

Dr. George Ruyle – Faculty Member at University – Tucson

James H. Unmacht II – Wildlife Conservation & Knowledge of Livestock – New River


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