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We All Benefit From The Work They Do


When you donate to Lost Our Home Pet Rescue, not only are you helping puppies like Dwight find his forever home, you are providing a helping hand to people who fall on hard times because no one should have to make the choice between helping themselves and caring for their pets. Make your donation now to support the dogs, cats and humans who benefit from the work we do everyday.

Lost Our Home has helped over 20,000 animals since 2008!

Become A Foster

Kitten season is here! Consider opening your heart and home to a foster dog or cat! Along with underage fosters, we are always in need of temporary care and medical fosters.If you are interested in helping a pet in need or saving a life, please contact fostering@lostourhome.org.

Shelter Maintenance

Lost Our Home is in need of volunteer(s) who can provide assistance with basic maintenance around the shelter. We need someone who can assist with changing air filters, changing out lights, fixing doors, and light construction projects. If this sounds like a project you'd like to help with, please contact Tracey Varga at tracey@lostourhome.org. Thank you!

Front Desk Assistance

We are in desperate need of additional assistance at the front desk! As I'm sure you all know, things get pretty crazy up front! We are looking for some help on days and times when it's especially busy. Front desk volunteers help direct traffic, answer phone calls, and help with some miscellaneous administrative tasks.

Become An Animal Ambassador

What is an Animal Ambassador, you ask? An Animal Ambassador is an advocate for an adoptable dog or cat. We have many long-timer animals (especially cats!) who could need your help to find their furever homes!

Cats in Need: Marge, Lil Foot, Pauly, Gustav

Dogs in Need: Queenie, Budda, Roscoe

Calling All Cat Lovers!

We have volunteer openings for cat-loving individuals at Petsmart on Priest and Elliot in our adoptable cat rooms. Responsibilities include cleaning, feeding, socializing the cat/kittens, and talking to potential adopters. What better way to help us find homes for our amazing cats and kittens?

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact our wonderful Petsmart Lead, the amazing Florine Anchordoguy, at fanchordog@cox.net.

*SOS* Volunteer Mentors

Summer is our busy season and we need your help! Volunteer mentors are a very important part of our organization. They help train incoming volunteers, retain existing volunteers, and are available to lend a hand. We are looking for volunteers who would like to become more involved and are interested in helping volunteers with buddy days and beyond. If you are interested, please email me at emily@lostourhome.org.

Animal Care Technician Training

Our hard-working staffers need help! We are always in need of volunteers to assist our Animal Care Techs during their shifts throughout the day. Remember, a clean shelter = healthy and happy animals! This special training will allow you to shadow a ACT to learn all of our protocols and procedures. If interested, please email Tracey Varga at tracey@lostourhome.org.

Animal Enrichment Workshop

What is enrichment? Enrichment refers to mental and physical stimulation. Allowing animals to think, learn, and explore goes a long way to keeping them behaviorally healthy in the shelter.

Sign up to learn about the importance of Animal Enrichment and engage in some exciting new enrichment activities and projects!

Play Group Training

Playing with other dogs is an integral part of canine mental and physical health and happiness. Did you know when dogs play together for 20 minutes, it's equivalent to a three-hour walk with a human? Learn more about dog playgroups, including how to manage play, identify dogs who may play well together, the process for dog introductions, and much more!

Canine Manners 101

Are you looking to learn more about dog training or become a more confident dog handler? This monthly class is to help start building training skills, help our dogs to become better-mannered, and help solve some commonly seen behavior challenges.

How Do We Train The Dogs And Cats?

Commands needn't be commanding! Commands should never be yelled, barked, or said harshly when speaking to an animal, unless it's a dangerous situation and you're trying to call the pet away from it and need to raise your voice so the pet can hear you.

Remember to be patient and kind when training. If you're frustrated, walk away and take a break. Come back to training when you're calm and the pet is ready for another round. This will take your training abilities to the next level.

Lost Our Home Needs These


Pet Nursing Kits

Rescue Disinfectant

Babycat Instinctive (Mother and Baby)

Kitten Instinctive Food

Esbilac - Puppy Milk Replacer

Exam Gloves

Special Request Items: Walkie Talkies, Two-Person Desks, Cat Tents

Contacts: volunteering@lostourhome.org; Emily Vivian: volunteer services and medical manager, emily@lostourhome.org; Ashley Lindsay: volunteer services and medical assistant, ashley@lostourhome.org

Here We Are

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue | 2323 South Hardy Drive, Tempe, AZ 85282,

(602) 445-7387, https://www.lostourhome.org/ .


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