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Hybrid Calico Macaw

Ziggy Is A handsome Hybrid Calico Macaw

Ziggy is a handsome Hybrid Calico Macaw (Greenwing x Military Macaw) who is missing the toes on both feet as well as the portions of his wings where his flight feathers would grow. Most likely he was born with these deformities due to poor hybrid genetics. Like all special needs birds, Ziggy does not realize that he has any "problems" and has adjusted to life exceptionally well.

After living with a family for over 16 years, he was abandoned in their home when they moved. A neighbor alerted a friend, who already had one Macaw, about the situation. She went and rescued Ziggy, but her bird refused to accept him. This is when Oasis was contacted to help Ziggy.

For a while we kept Ziggy in his own cage. He was comfortable with it and felt safe on familiar perches. But we couldn't pass up the opportunity for Ziggy to join a flock when we built a mini-flight for special needs macaws. Honestly, we worried that he would have a hard time getting around the larger space. Well, Ziggy figured it out and never looked back! With amazing balance, he walks the length of the big perches and he hooks his toeless feet into the wire walls to climb where he wants to go. He has macaw friends to hang out with and caregivers that love him dearly. His once familiar old iron cage has long been discarded...The Zig-meister needs it no more!

You can help continue the loving care that Ziggy receives every day. Please take a moment and visit our Arizona Gives Day profile page to see Ziggy and a few of his sanctuary friends in a special new video. Click HERE to give an online gift today.

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