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Helping People. Saving Pets

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue Does Both

People love their pets. But sometimes hardship forces them apart. That's where we come in. As the only organization in the Valley focused on both pets and people in crisis, we are dedicated to rescuing pets abandoned or at risk of homelessness. We provide pet care when people find themselves in challenging life situations.

When people are facing times of crisis that jeopardize their ability to care and provide for their pets, we are here to help.

Some Unfortunate Factors

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence affects both people and their pets and prompts many victims to remain in abusive situations for fear of having nowhere to escape to with their pet. Lost Our Home is committed to changing that uncertainty into assurance through our life-saving partnership with the largest domestic violence shelter in Arizona.


Homeless individuals often rely on their pets for comfort and companionship. To remain together, many choose to forgo shelters or job training opportunities for fear of being separated from their companions. Lost Our Home makes it possible for people to receive job training without leaving their pet behind.

Medical Emergencies

Having no one to care for a precious pet when unexpected medical emergencies, surgeries or illness force people and their pets apart, can leave many uncertain of how to not only care for themselves, but for their pet as well. Lost Our Home supports families suffering from these medical emergencies.

Financial Hardship

Financial Hardships wreak havoc on people's lives and the wellbeing of their pets. Eviction, foreclosure, fires, floods...all these force people and pets into unknown territory. We can help in this period of uncertainty by caring for pets and assuring they are in good hands-easing some of the pressure on pet owners.

Some Ways You Can Help


Learn about the many ways to donate and help us continue to impact thousands of people and pets around the Valley!


Discover our adoptable pets and fall in love today. Your forever companion is waiting for you! Help us find pets their forever homes!


Find out how to volunteer at Lost Our Home. Whatever your skills, you can find an impactful way to help us help people and save pets!


Foster and share your home with one of our adoptable or temporary care pets.

The Good News

Since 2008, Lost Our Home has helped over 21,000 pets! More than 4,000 pets have been placed in new loving homes. More than 17,000 hungry pets have been fed through our Pet Food Bank. More than 700 pets have been reunited with their families after a crisis.

Now people don't have to choose between helping their pets and getting the help they need.

More About Lost Our Home

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue is the only non-profit, no-kill pet rescue based in Tempe whose mission is dedicated to providing compassionate services to pets and pet parents in crisis. Whether it be foreclosure, homelessness, job loss, illness, domestic violence or any other hardship, we are there to serve pets and pet parents in the Valley who don't know where to turn. Often, we are their very last hope.

For many pet owners with few resources, the only other option is surrendering their pet(s) to overcrowded shelters where they face an uncertain future, and even death. Lost our Home is committed to helping pets and people and ensuring that our pets face a different future - a certain future that's fulfilling, happy, healthy, and with a loving family.

'A Win-Win'

"When we run into situations with pets that need extra TLC, we know the team at Lost Our Home will make sure they get it. We also know they'll make sure the pets are kept safe while waiting for their owner to return, or that they will be adopted into loving new homes when needed. It's a win-win for pets and people." -- Michael Pooley, Commander, Field Operations at City of Tempe Police Department

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue is located at 2323 South Hardy Drive, Tempe, Ariz. 85283; the phone number is (602) 445-7387.


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